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Posted a long time ago by Oliver

We're launching a new feature today; The ability for you guys to contribute to the games you love, by suggesting better icons, banners and backgrounds for the games.

Better game graphics should makes the game playing experience on Nonoba even better, which is the rationale behind the feature, in case you were wondering.

To try it out, simply click the new Contribute tab (found on every game), and upload your suggested icon, banner or background. You'll probably have to create your suggestion first in PhotoShop or something, unless of course you already knew this was comming and had prepared for it.

If your graphics are better then what the game has already, our moderators will approve it, and make it the default banner, icon or background for that game. Oh, and, you'll get some XP.

Icons and backgrounds give 10 xp, while banners give you 25 xp. Banners are harder to do, thus the larger xp amount.

Enough talking, go try it out ;)


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Good News Everybody!

Posted a long time ago by Oliver

As you've probably noticed, we've launched a complete redesign of This is a redesign we've been working on for a long time, and we're very pleased to finally being able to show it to you all!

Before we get into the details, we want to point out that's it's a very big release, and even though we did a lot of testing, you still might encounter bugs. It's not a problem however, because if you just submit it in the feedback section, we'll get it fixed very fast.

So... What's new?

New design!

The biggest, and most visible, change is the new design. The previous design had evolved over a long period of time, and was beginning to show its age. Often, we'd have feature brainstorms where we would have to postpone features, because it just didn't fit with the old design and code-framework. It had also evolved one feature at a time, which meant that there wasn't any coherent vision -- it was just sort of bolted together.

With the new design, we took the time to really rethink all parts of Nonoba, getting rid of the biggest problems, and making sure everything fits together.
The redesign is also a preperation for all the features we want to do, but couldn't do with the old design.

Let's talk about the individual features:


The biggest new feature is the new PlayBar at the bottom of the page. It will keep track of the XP you gain while playing games and show you how much you need to gain a level, and it will also show you when you gain an achievement or a highscore in game. If you're logged in, it will also contain links to your home page, and you can place shortcuts to your absolute favorite games in it so that you can always reach them quickly. When you add a new game to your favorites, you get the option to place it in the PlayBar, and if you check out your list of favorite games, you can always add a game from there as well.


The game pages has seen a lot of changes, most important is that we've now gathered all the information about a game on a single page, under tabs, so you can access all of it while playing the game. You can check out the highscore lists, or see which of your friends have got any achievements, or read about the developer of the game without having to go to a new page, and thereby lose your progress in your game.

Game Forums

Instead of simple comments, all games now have a forum. This should make it much easier to have a conversation about the game, without being interrupted by people shouting out how cool the game is in the middle of it.
For instance, you can start a thread suggesting feature improvements, or a thread with your walkthrough guide to the game. You can also start a thread asking for help on completing a hard puzzle. All these things weren't really possible with the old comments system.

We've also made it so that you can browse and post in the game's forum while playing the game - posting a comment won't reload the page anymore which we think is really cool!

The lastest updated threads from all games, are gathered on the forum frontpage, so it's easy to stay up to date with what happens in all games.


It turned out that a lot of users liked to chat, just as much as they liked to play games, which the old design didn't really facilitate. With the redesign, we're launching a brand new chat section, that's easy to find from the top bar.
In it, you'll find fullscreen chat, colorful backgrounds, and highlighting of your friends that are in the same room.

The chatroom you choose here, is the same chatroom you can access to the right of any game. Thus, if you want to always be in the Arcade room, just go to the chat section, change into the arcade room, and the next time you're playing a game, you can visit the Arcade room by just showing the chat section to the right of a game.
We've got a lot of features planned for this section for future updates!


We've spiced up the news feeds quite a lot, it should look a lot more attractive now, you get a bit more information out of every news item, and most important of all - you can look at only items from a specific category instead of all of them at once, which should make it much easier to find the stories you are interested in.

From fans to Friend Requests

When it comes to the old system of fans and favorites, a lot of users were telling us they wanted to remove a certain fan, or didn't want people spamming their profile comments or mailbox about adding them as a friend.

We've changed the system now and removed fans and favorites. Instead, there's only friends, and to become friends with a user you have to send that person a friend request and then wait for it being approved. To send a request to another user, just visit that person's profile page and click the "Send friend request" button located under the profile picture.

When someone requests to be your friend, you will automatically get a notification in your newsfeed about it, so you won't miss any requests. You can also just check out the new friends page to see all requests that have been sent to you.


Unfortunately it wasn't possible to make the new design compatible with the old CSS that people had in their profiles. However, we didn't delete or modify the CSS that was already stored, so it's possible to go in and modify it to fit the new design, or even make some that's even better than before.

And more...

There are of course many more small changes, and we encourage you to explore the new site and find all the new cool things for yourself! :-)
In closing, we're very happy and proud to finally be able to show you and share the new Nonoba with you, and we hope you'll like it just as much as we do!

/Team Nonoba

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Everybody say hi to Fredrik

Posted a long time ago by Chris The Copenhagen Nonoba team just got a bit larger with the addition of Fredrik, known here on Nonoba as Frippe.

Fredrik will be responsible for our developer community, writing examples, answering questions and generally just making it a great place to hang out!

Fredrik has also introduced himself at our blog.

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Zombies go Open Source

Posted a long time ago by Chris The guys over at NerdyGames have decided to open the source for their amazingly popular zombie shooter game.

This is cool for everybody as it gives developers a great example on how to create games and hopefully someone will pick up the project to make a even better Zombies two game!You can download the source from this article posted by Jonas Flensbak from NerdyGames.

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Nonoba 20.000$ Multiplayer Game Competition Winners!

Posted a long time ago by Chris It´s finally time to announce the winners of the Nonoba Multiplayer API Kick Off competition!

The past week the judges have been gathering in private multiplayer games, playing, discussing and rating the multiplayer games.We used judges to pick the winners, instead of just looking at the play count for each game to ensure that the best game won. Had we just
looked at play count, early games and well distributed games would have had an unfair advantage.

After all the votes where counted up, Starland Multiplayer TD came out as the winner, very closely followed by Bombators Multiplayer. Third place goes to one of the newest games on the platform, Multiplayer Memory Mayhem, which was an instant success with the judges. A more in depth look on the winners, and comments from the judges, can be found at this competition overview.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thanks to all the participants.

We were truly amazed at the quality of the games, and hope the best is yet to come!

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