Frequently Asked Questions


I have this great idea for this website!

Cool! Just click the Feedback link at the top, or click here to submit your suggestion. If other users also like your suggestion, you will get XP for it. Remember to check out the suggestions that other people have submitted and vote up the ones you think we should implement.

I found a bug!

Ouch, that's bad! But click on the Feedback tab in the Forum section, or click here to submit your bug report. Remember to check the bug reports that other users have submitted, and vote up the ones you think we should fix first.

I saw some questionable content on the site, what do I do?

If you find a game that you think violates the Terms and Services, then click the "Flag as inappropriate" link, and we will review the game and remove it if necessary.

I saw some spam in the forums or a comment, what do I do?

Next to all the comments and forum posts there is a "spam" link. Click that to report the item as spam. We will investigate and remove the spamming user if necessary.

What is acceptable behaviour on this site?

We expect all users to behave nicely. We are all here to play games and have fun. Use common sense. Don't be an idiot, don't harass other users, don't be abusive, and don't promote illegal activity. Users that break these guidelines will be removed at our discretion. You can also read the full Terms of Service.

What's the purpose of voting on comments?

If you read a comment somewhere that you think is really good and helpful or informative or funny, you can vote it up. If a comment gets enough votes, it will become more visible, and the author will get some XP for it. If a comment gets a lot of negative votes, it will be hidden from view. This simple user moderation ensures that you will mostly only see good comments while reading about a game or a forum thread.

What's the purpose of rating games?

Whenever you've tried out a game you can give it a rating from 0 to 5 stars. When you rate games, you help other users find good games and avoid the bad ones. You get XP for rating a game, and the developer gets a lot of XP if a lot of users like the game. You also get more XP for rating fresh games, so give new games a try and rate them.

Can I add formatting to the forum messages and comments I write?

Yes! We have a full guide for our forum markup here: Forum Markup

Friends and favorites

What are friends?

If you become friends with another user, you can see when they are online, you can compare your scores in a game with your friends to compete, and you can see which games your friends have favorited. Friends are also shown apart from the other users in the chat if they are in the same chatroom as you.

How do I become friends with someone?

When you visit the profile of another user that you like, you can click on "Send friend request" to send that user a request to become friends. You will then have to wait for the other user to accept your request.

How do I accept a friend request?

When you look at your friends page, you will see a list of incoming requests on the right side, and you can choose to either accept or reject each request.

How do I favorite a game?

When you are playing the game, click the button labelled "Add to favorites".

What happens when I favorite a game?

You get to write a short reason for favoriting the game, which is displayed to others. Your friends will get the game recommended to them, and you also get the option of putting a link to the game in your PlayBar so that you can reach it easily all the time.

How do I add games to my PlayBar?

If you go to your favorite games page, each game should have button labelled "Place in the bar". If you click that, you should get a dialog which allows you to choose a position in the PlayBar for your game. This way, you can have quick links to your four most favorite games everywhere.

Experience and levels

How does the XP system work?

We track two kinds of XP for every user, Player XP and Developer XP. You get Player XP for playing games and contributing to the community, and you get Developer XP for adding games and referring users.

What do I get Player XP for?

  • 25 xp for filling out your profile information
  • 25 xp for writing a profile text
  • 25 xp for selecting or uploading an avatar
  • 25 xp for uploading a profile picture
  • 1 xp every time you rate a game
  • 5 xp every time you rate a new game that's been added in the last week
  • 5 xp every time one of your comments gets a rating above 10
  • 10 xp every time one of your feedback posts gets a rating above 10
  • 10 xp when your contributed game icon is accepted
  • 10 xp when your contributed game background is accepted
  • 25 xp when your contributed game banner is accepted

What do I get Developer XP for?

  • 25 xp for each game you upload
  • 25 xp for each of your games that gets an ok rating, which means at least 30 votes and a total rating above 2.5 stars
  • 100 xp for each of your games that gets a good rating, which means at least 100 votes and a total rating above 3.5 stars
  • 200 xp for each of your games that gets a great rating, which means at least 200 votes and a total rating above 4.5 stars
  • 50 xp for each of your games that gets played more than 10000 times
  • 75 xp for each of your games that gets played more than 50000 times
  • 150 xp for each of your games that gets played more than 100000 times
  • 1 xp for each user that finds this site through one of your games and sign up afterwards

Uploaded Games

How do I upload a game?

Go to your home page and click the upload link under "Your Games", or click here.

Apart from the actual flash file of the game, you are also required to type in a title or name of the game, a description of it, some information on how to play, and an icon for the game. The icon works just like the avatars do for users and will be displayed in all lists of games. Optionally, you can add a background image which will be displayed behind your game while playing it, and a screenshot that shows the gameplay.

Which URL will my game get?

The title of your game will be used to form part of the URL. The full path to each game always looks like this:

How do I edit a game I uploaded?

On your homepage there is a list of your games. If you click the edit link, you will get to a page where you can change all the details for that game.

How do game versions work?

If you have uploaded a game and later changed it or fixed bugs or otherwise improved it, you can upload the changes as a new version of the existing game on the edit game page. That way you will keep all the comments and ratings your game has gathered so far, and still deliver an updated version for people to play and enjoy. Note however that only one version can be active at one time. If you change your mind about some changes you uploaded, you can always set some older version of the game as the active one, and then that version will be the one available to users. If you do significant changes to your game such that some players might prefer and older version over your new version, it is advisable to upload the new version as a different game.

What about the license of the game I upload?

You must either be the creator of the game, or the game's license must allow for you to upload the game to Nonoba.

How do I add highscores to my game?

You must first integrate the Nonoba API with your game and use that to submit scores for users. To set up score lists, go to the edit page for your game and click the Highscores tab to get more instructions.

How do I add achievements to my game?

You must first integrate the Nonoba API with your game and use that to award achievements for users. To set up achievements, go to the edit page for your game and click the Achievements tab to get more instructions.

When will my game's achievements be approved?

Before your game's achievements will be visible and available to all players, they must be approved by us. Your game must satisfy these conditions: * Your game must be an actual game with actual gameplay. * The XP awarded per achievement should be proportional to the effort needed to get each achievement * Achievements should be awarded only after the player has spent some effort, not simply at random or by leaving the game running. * It must be possible to get the achievement based on the supplied description/hint.

What's the difference between "Uploaded by" and "Developed by"?

When you upload a game that you have developed yourself, you should tick the checkbox on the upload page saying that you have developed the game or helped develop the game. If you do this, the game will be displayed as developed by you instead of just uploaded by you. If you upload a game to Nonoba that someone else has developed, you are not allowed to tick this checkbox. If you intentionally do so anyway, you will be stripped of all Developer XP and risk being banned from Nonoba.

What should I do if I see a game that's been uploaded without permission?

Go to the game owner's page, click the "Report as inappropriate" link, and post your information.

What should I do if I see a game that's mine, but has been uploaded by someone else?

Contact us and we'll make sure you get the proper credit. You can find the contact details on the contact page.
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