Our games are not working.

Posted a long time ago by Chris Amazon S3 is down! Sadly this means that so is all our games. We hope they will have fixed the issues shortly so we can resume normal operations.
For the tech savy in the crowd Amazon S3's status can be seen here http://status.aws.amazon.com/. We are waiting for Amazon Simple Storage Service (US) to become green.

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Update to the Multiplayer API

Posted a long time ago by Chris

Yesterday we did an update to the Multiplayer API, fixing a bunch of bugs and making it more enjoyable for guests and new users. Read more here.

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First Monthly Winner: Connect 4 Multiplayer!

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

It is with great pleasure that we announce our first monthly competition winner. It was a very tight race, and Trappit almost won, but in the end Connect 4 Multiplayer by LorenzGames won and he thereby grabbed an additional $2500 for his game, that also won a previous weekly competition.


Connect 4 Multiplayer now has a nice head start in our big multiplayer competition, but it's a long while until November, so who knows what other great multiplayer games we will see before then?

We also have a new weekly winner. For a long time it looked like Flipped Out was going to win, but Lazy Susan by scriptedfun finally grabbed it and he has thereby won his second weekly competition, and an additional $500!

Congratulations to you too, maybe you'll win next month's competition? :-)

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Weekly Winner: Connect4 Multiplayer.

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

This week the winner is LorenzGames with his multiplayer version of Connect 4. This game is not only the first multiplayer game on Nonoba to win a prize, but also the first uploaded game that uses the Nonoba Multiplayer API. Congratulations, and well done!

We at Nonoba are of course really happy to see a multiplayer game becoming this succesful, and we are really impressed by the speed with which it was produced.

We hope this encourages more developers to make multiplayer games for our competitions, and we are really looking forward to the next game from LorenzGames.

Our first monthly competition winner will be announced next week, and Connect4 has risen quickly in the charts, but will it overtake the current leader, Trappit? Check in next week to see who will be our first happy winner of $2 500!

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We're blogging now!

Posted a long time ago by Oliver

We have a blog!

We have created a blog where the Nonoba time will be writing informally about flash games, the industry, our development, the team, tips and tricks for players and developers and everything else we think is interesting.

News announcements of general interest will still be posted in the news section of Nonoba, while the blog will be used as a casual outlet for the entire team to write about whatever tickles our fancy.
We promise to write often, and keep it interesting.

You can already read a short post with links from our trip to San Francisco and the Social Gaming summit.

See you on the blog at: http://blog.nonoba.com/

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