Bombators Multiplayer

Bombators Multiplayer

Follow these steps to play the game

If doesnt work play on
Controls: Arrows to move, SpaceBar to place the bombs.

Create a game, then click on one of the 4 colored corners to choose your color and position.

Your goal is to blowup all the others guys.

With money you can buy stuff, like new bombs, bigger flame, speed and kicks.

During the game when you will blowup the bricks you will find some goodies under, some of them are good, some not, you coose :)

Have a great game!


This game is the multiplayer remake of one the most known games of the history after Mario Bros and Sonic, I am talking about Atomic Bomberman. You can create a room which can contain only 4 people playing, no spectators available for more than 1 minute, they will be kicked out :)

Design, Programming, Music and all the love by Lorenzo Nuvoletta

This game was the monthly best game of
August 2008

This game was the weekly best game of
Jun 30 to Jul 6


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