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Posted a long time ago by Oliver

We're launching a new feature today; The ability for you guys to contribute to the games you love, by suggesting better icons, banners and backgrounds for the games.

Better game graphics should makes the game playing experience on Nonoba even better, which is the rationale behind the feature, in case you were wondering.

To try it out, simply click the new Contribute tab (found on every game), and upload your suggested icon, banner or background. You'll probably have to create your suggestion first in PhotoShop or something, unless of course you already knew this was comming and had prepared for it.

If your graphics are better then what the game has already, our moderators will approve it, and make it the default banner, icon or background for that game. Oh, and, you'll get some XP.

Icons and backgrounds give 10 xp, while banners give you 25 xp. Banners are harder to do, thus the larger xp amount.

Enough talking, go try it out ;)



404404 said

Posted a long time ago

Where does the game's developer come into this process?

"If your graphics are better" is extremely subjective, and ultimately, I do think it should be up to the game's designer what backgrounds or icons they allow for their game, not the site moderators.

So is this approved by mods only, or will it also have to pass the developer's approval?

OliverOliver said

Posted a long time ago

I answered this in the cooresponding forum thread.

The short answer is that the developer has final say -- if he/she wants it.

If you create a game, and make an icon, banner and background for it, it's visible in the approval-tool that the developer made the existing content, so we won't approve any other suggestions.

If it happens anyway by accident, or because the existing content was deemed really ugly by the moderator, you as the developer can always override that choice by uploading your graphics again from the control panel which will override any approved third-party graphics. Thus we'll know never to change them again.

The system is ment to help the games that don't have any banners or backgrounds or really bad icons.

AwokeAwoke said

Posted a long time ago

Totally Cool :]

zaelynzaelyn said

Posted a long time ago


HomeHome said

Posted a long time ago

I havent seen any custom stuff... perhaps the incentive should be greater to entice people.

destinyvittitoedestinyvittitoe said

Posted a long time ago

are you my friend

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