Welcome to Nonoba!

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

Hi everyone and welcome to Nonoba!

We've been working hard to create this casual gaming community just for you to enjoy. We are constantly working on updating this website to make it even better, and we have some very interesting features on the horizon that we think you will like a lot.

For now, you can play the games we have, rate them, comment them, and chat with each other while playing. If you find a game you really like, use the share functions to invite your friends to play.

If you are a game developer, feel free to upload your games here. You can use the embed feature to post your game on other places without having to host it yourself. We think that's pretty neat.

We're sure you may have a lot of questions for us. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or head over to our forum and ask your questions there.

Since we are pretty new, there's most probably a bunch of bugs around, or maybe you think there are some features missing that you would love to see implemented. Just use our feedback section to post bug reports and suggestions. Remember to check if someone else has already posted your feedback, and feel free to comment and vote on the existing feedback. This way we know what you guys think is important for us to fix and implement.

Finally, we hope you will enjoy your stay. Together, we will make this place awesome!

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