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nonoba multiplayer api

With the Nonoba Multiplayer API, any Flash game developer can easily create a multiplayer flash game.

The Nonoba Multiplayer API is available for free, download it here!


1 - Download API

One download contains all you need to get started.

  • Local Development Server Easy debugging and development.
  • Example Games Included See how other games work, use them as templates for your own.
  • Empty Template When you know exactly what you want.

2 - Develop Game

Start with either an empty template or one of the example games.

  • All Gameplay, No Housekeeping Sockets, Connections, Lobby etc is handled by the API.
  • Realtime or turnbased Fast enough for realtime games like shooters and racing games.
  • Highscores, Ranking & Data Access all the full Nonoba APIs

3 - Upload It!

Free hosting and managed scaling and storage.

  • Game code runs on our server cluster You don't have to install or manage anything.
  • Scalability Popularity is not a problem.
  • Put it anywhere You can upload/share the game anywhere you want.

Kick Off Competition Winners

To kick off the development of multiplayer games, we had a big competition for games created with the Nonoba Multiplayer API.

Find out who won »

Sample Games

We've created a couple of games to show the range of what's possible, and how the different types of games run on the Nonoba Multiplayer API.

Nonoba Racing Multiplayer Asteroids Fridge Magnets

Comparison Table

We've put together a table that highlights the current problems facing developers of Flash multiplayer games, and how the Nonoba Multiplayer API fixes them.

Issue Do It All Yourself The Nonoba Way
Server software You can either spend a lot of time developing your own, or you can spend a lot of money buying one that's built for generic communication. We provide the Nonoba Game Server for you to develop against, which is made especially for Flash multiplayer games.
Server communication You need to learn whichever programming language the server uses, you need to figure out how to communicate with your game client, and you might have to learn socket programming and multithreading. We provide a simple Flash API that handles all the server communication, and we provide a .Net API for the server. This means you can use any language that is supported by the .Net CLR to develop the server part of your game, for example C#, VB.Net or J#.
Lobby and Chat You need to not only develop your actual game in Flash, you also have to develop a lobby system for matching people up, and an in-game chat for your players. We provide the lobby and chat through the Multiplayer API so you won't have to worry about those parts.
High scores, persistent data and other community features You need to develop an entire web application and pick a database and handle users and registration for displaying highscores and any other community features you want. Highscores, and achievements are included in the Nonoba API, and their presentation is integrated into the Nonoba website and community.
Hardware You need to buy or rent dedicated server hardware for your server software. Your game will run on the Nonoba server cluster.
Hosting Hosting it on your home broadband connection won’t be enough if your game gets popular, and dedicated hosting is very expensive. Just upload the game to Nonoba and we host everything for you for free.
Operations Become your own IT support and make sure your server software is always running properly. Nonoba manages all the server software and hardware, so you won't have to.
Distribution Spread the word yourself, upload to forums and game sites, and try to find people who would like the game. The large Nonoba user base and partner user base should give your game a wide distribution from the start.
Scaling You need to make sure your server scales properly, and you need to anticipate the hardware need and buy/rent more servers if needed. Nonoba will seamlessly scale up as demand for the game increases, and we will make sure there is always enough server capacity.
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