Posted a long time ago by Oliver

Hi Everybody,

Todays release has multiple chatrooms as it's main feature. Theres now a "Change room" link in the top right of the chat, allowing you to change rooms.

If you want more rooms, make some suggested room names in the Give us Feedback section.

The API has also received a small update, with the addition of a GetUsername() method.

As usual, we've also fixed some of the worst bugs & issues we're aware of. In particular, the browse details pages for each game has gotten some love.

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More Scores and Achievements!

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

Hi everyone!

We at Nonoba are very proud to have released our brand new developer section. Head on over and check out all the features that are now available for your games. There's more statistics and tracking and better embedding features for distributing your game across the internet.

The most important new feature though is the Nonoba APIs for high scores and achievements. All of you have asked to see more achievements for more games, and a better way to compete in the games against each other or your friends. With this API, game developers can now easily add those features into their games.

Does your favourite game lack a high score list or achievements? Find the developer and ask him or her to add it. Are you a game developer? Head over to the developer section and read the documentation on how to add these features to your game, and make your game even more popular! You can also stop by the developer forums to discuss the API and get help implementing it.

As always, we are happy to listen to your feedback. We hope that we will soon see many new achievements and high score lists, and we hope that all of you will enjoy this and have a great time here at Nonoba!

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New design!

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

Today we added themes to Nonoba, and as you can see, we also added a new default one called "Funland". We think it's very pretty and that it fits the gaming theme of this site.

If you prefer the old look, just go into your information settings, and change the teme back to "Nonoba basic".

We have also upgraded the chat, there's a better tooltip now that shows people's different xp levels, and you can also see people's gender directly in the userlist. If you don't want your gender shown, you can go to your settings page and change your gender back to "unknown".

We've also done a lot of small bugfixes and we hope the site will be nicer to use because of this.

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Statistics for developers

Posted a long time ago by Oliver

We've just released a new version of Nonoba, with changes targetted towards the game developers.

We now track where users come from to play your game, and on which pages your game has been embedded. This information is visible on the game-edit page.

Check it out, and post feedback to the feedback system.

Oh, It's probably also important to mention that most of the statistics will only start counting now. That is, we haven't kept track of a most of the data before now...

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Dropdown menu, Toy category & bugfixes

Posted a long time ago by Oliver

We've just updated the site with some new feature and bug fixes.

The "big" new feature is that there is now a dropdown menu for the user-links in the top right corner, which makes it really easy to navigate to ones favorite games or friends.

New in this release is also a toy category, for those flash files that aren't quite games, but just fun flash toys.

The report-this-as-inappropriate buttons now ask for a reason, and you can take back your report later if you change your mind. 

We've also fixed the click-to-activate issue for IE6/7 users.

Last but not least, we've added a special caching layer for all static files, so that the site should load much faster all around. It was fast before, but now it's even faster! 

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