Achievements (Win some XP)

Posted a long time ago by Oliver

We're testing out our achievements system on Chris's Multiplayer Asteroids, so if you wanna get some achievements and xp, go play multiplayer asteroids now!

We'll soon open up the system to third party developers... 

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Nonoba Labs

Posted a long time ago by Oliver

We've been quietly doing upgrades behind the scenes, preparing for things to come.

But yesterday we found some extra time to put up a page with out live webstats. Because we'd like to think that we'll be putting up more experiments as time progresses, we've created a section called "labs", which is linked from the footer.

If you're interested, you can check it out at

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Happy New Year 2008!

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

We hope that all of you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's, and we're really glad that some of you decided to spend your holidays playing games on Nonoba. Let's all continue having fun together throughout 2008!

As usual, a news post means that we've released some new features that we would like to point out and tell you about.

For players, the biggest change is that we now display your level on your profile pages. Now, don't worry that all of you have very little XP and a low level, there will soon be ways for you to earn more XP. Stay tuned...

We've also changed the forum a bit, you will now see more of the most recent activity directly on the forum frontpage. Check it out here.

For developers, you may already have noticed that we revamped the edit game page. Instead of one big page, it's now split into logical sections, and we've added a better preview for the game graphics. We think that this layout makes it much easier to manage your games, and as usual, if you discover any bugs or have any feedback, feel free to report it here.

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The message system is here!

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

It's been a little while since we last released new features for Nonoba, but we hope you will like the latest new ones we made for you.

The biggest new feature is the messaging system. It is now possible to send private messages to other users of the site. You can send a message to just one other user, or to several users at the same time. Messages are organized in threads, and all participants of a thread can add new messages to it. When you view a thread, you will see all the messages in it at the same time. We think this idea is much nicer than the standard one-message-at-a-time model. You can view your inbox here.

Some of you may already have noticed, but we've also added some support for multiple versions of a game. If you got to the edit game page, you can upload new flash files, new versions of your game, and you will see a list of all versions of your game that you have ever uploaded. Only one version of your game can be active at one time, and you change this by clicking the make active link. The active version is the one that will be used on the main game page, and the one that will appear in all lists etc. In the list of versions you can click the names of each, which will take you to the page for that specific versions of your game. This can be useful if you want to test out some features before releasing them, and if you give the URL to your friends they can help test it too.

We have also improved the feedback system yet again. This time we've added search to it so you can see if someone else has already written the wonderful feedback idea you just got. As always, we want to hear what you think about these new features, and if the almost unthinkable happens, if you discover a bug somewhere, please report it here. Enjoy!

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First week's changes are released!

Posted a long time ago by Henrik

Hi everyone and welcome back. We just finished the first week of bugfixing, and wanted to share these changes with you.

Aside from numerous small bugs and graphical changes, we worked on the Feedback system to make it better. We can now mark items as closed, and you will see when a suggestion or bug was closed, and what we did about it. You can browse the list of closed feedback here.

It is now possible to delete a game that you've uploaded. This will erase all versions of the game, all comments, all ratings, all favorites, and everything else connected with the game. Only use this if you really want your game removed from this website. You can delete games at the same place you edit them, your home page.

We will try to make a release of the latest changes once a week, so check back often to see what's new and what's changed. We have a lot of ideas of our own of course, but we're definiftely listening to all the feedback we're getting. So don't be shy, head over to our feedback section and post your suggestions! There's a good chance we will implement it if we think it is good. Together, we will make this place great!

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