SnOw SnOw SnOw SnOw SnOw SnOw SnOw<3 is a 12 year old girl living in the north pole wif santa!. She has been a member for 6 months, and was last logged on 6 hours ago.

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Welcome to my profile



Oh wait its not Christmas!Soon it will be though!Hmmm what was i gonna say...Oh ya...


My name is Becca

Im 12

I figure skate

Im canadian

My fav animals are dogs,cats and horses

I like rainbow colours,purple,green and pink


I am known as SparklySkater to SmileySmile.Shes my sparkly sister and known as SparklySmile to me:D 


I'm in the Smiles Club with:





Well thats all for now.We make new smileys and have meetings but the presidents decide who is in the club:-)


My amazing and totally awesome best friends!

SmileySmile:You are the nicest person I've met here.I love how much you care about me and i care about you so much too!You are great to be with and talk to.I wouldnt be on this site if you werent here.You are the best person to talk to if you have a problem.I dont know what I'd do without you!You mean so much to me and you are just like a sister.I love you so much!!!♥


missymelon27:You are my bestest friend in the whole world and you have been since gr.1!You are the nicest person ever and i have so much fun with you!We are completely like sisters!I dont know what I'd do if I didnt know you!Love you so much!


MissSunshine247:your such a sweet person!Your great to be with and an amazingly sweet friend and that is why i LOVE you! you too Tilly you little cutie!♥


Zexion17:Your probably the funniest dude I've met on here!You are an amazing friend and you always make me smile!I dont know what I'd do without you!I absolutely love your randomness!You make me LAUGH!


LuvlyTess:You are an amazing person!Your so sweet and a great person to be with.You are just like a sister!I love you so very dearly!


...Samiha...:You are such a great friend who i love to talk to!You are fun to be with and fun to spam>:)


Taylorz:You are an amazing friend and an awesome person to be with!Your so fun to talk to!(Shes also my sister so dont mess with her!)


  Hacks!!! :O(one of my hackers wrote that)

Tess was here !!!! :D  ( love ya sis :] ) 




HEY BECCA! this is your little emsy here and....i just wanted to say I LOVES YOU! ♥ don't ever forget to stop and sniff the roses!  hehehe



In memory of Emsy's kitty...R.I.P. Big Head



... Samiha ...... Samiha ... said

Posted 12 hours ago

Skatergirl :D

GawjussGawjuss said

Posted 18 hours ago


Emy122Emy122 said

Posted yesterday

Heheheh you guessed right !! (:

MC-skittlesMC-skittles said

Posted yesterday

lol nope not anymore haha i moved

SmileySmileSmileySmile said

Posted yesterday

Aww!! I wanna play in the snow!! D: I have to study though!!

SpottySocksSpottySocks said

Posted yesterday

i love santa :3

SmileySmileSmileySmile said

Posted yesterday

OMG! I haven't seen that much snow since I was in London 3 years ago!! :O Last year the US got a ton of snow while we were here for Christmas! It was quite nice! :D

SpottySocksSpottySocks said

Posted yesterday

12 days!

SmileySmileSmileySmile said

Posted yesterday

OMG! I KNOW!! We got 7 inches!!! :D We didn't have a snow day either :'(

SpottySocksSpottySocks said

Posted yesterday

ohei :) i cant remember what you asked me.. oh dear..
oh yush.. "wats up"
nothing really, yourself?

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