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Magic Zen Garden

Magic Zen Garden

Follow these steps to play the game

In the Magic Zen Garden you have to remove all the stones in order to continue to the next level in the game. You remove the stones by clicking on the adjacent stones of the same color. Your score for removing the stones will be higher the more stones you remove in one click. The game is not only about getting the highest score but also about completing each level in the lowest time possible.

For each completed level you will receive five coins. If you cannot remove all the stones in one level you will lose one coin for each stone the game has to remove for you. When you have no coins left the game ends.

When clearing a level for all the stones you will receive a Magic Black Rock which you can use when you need another stone in the game to disappear.

Are you able to remove more than fifteen stones in the same color, in one click, you will gain an extra coin.

If you keep removing the same number or color of stones you will receive bonuses in form of coins or achievements.


Relax in the Magic Zen Garden.


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