Big Fish

Big Fish

Follow these steps to play the game

This is a varied and challenging game. You will need skill to progress.

The acceleration of your fish is quite slow (as for all the other fish). Also, as you get larger you become more bouyant, which affects how well you can dive.

Push (and hold) the arrow keys to accelerate in the direction of your choice. This is relative to the screen, not the angle of your fish (which is incidental).

Stuck? (on level 3, right?) It may be easier than you think. Check out the walkthrough by RunaWorld :


The rockpool was small and held many, but only one could be the Big Fish.

You are the red fish. Avoid being eaten by larger fish; chase and catch smaller fish to get bigger. On some levels you need to protect your babies - don't eat them by mistake!

Now with Achievements!
(Please note that if you continue after your lives are all gone you won't get any further achievements that game.)


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Fish for Supper Be a good Mother No lunch for you! All you can eat
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