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Controls :

- You can use the mouse scroll wheel to change the pen size easily.
- The tools are (from top to bottom) : pencil, brush, bucket (fill), line, rectangle, circle, red arrow (to point out things in your drawing), eraser, clear.
- The white flag at the bottom allows you to skip the word if you have no idea how to draw it.

Objective :

When trying to guess a word it's fairly easy, you just have to enter your guess in the chat box.

Once it's your turn to draw, use the different tools to represent your word. If it's too hard to do it in one drawing just try to think of a rebus to split the word into smaller drawings.

In any case please do not draw words - and especially not the one you've to make them guess, that's not the point of the game.


Online pictionary game - one player gets a word and draws it; the others must find it to score.


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