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Posted 4 months ago by Toby

Library revived due to popular demand! 


As you have probably noticed by now, a whole load of rooms have been removed, some renamed, etc. From the original eighteen chatrooms that existed before, six remain.

Here's a basic run-down of what's changed:

  • Rooms that new users will start in are, Basecamp and Arcade.
  •  The Bazaar has been removed / joined with the Laundry Room and has been renamed to The Attic.
  • Most dead alternate language chatrooms have been removed
  • Game Room, Developers, Teens and Twilight have all been removed.
  • Rooms will now be less moderated for speaking in other languages, so long as the conversation is between only 2-3 people, it's fine.
  • Role-players and hedgehogs have the Attic. Moderators will be more lax in this room on messing around (i.e, role-playing and emphasis-spam, much like Laundry Room used to be).
  • Moderators will be more strict on negative behaviour to new users. This was a major problem in rooms like Base, where people would act like they owned the room. We'll be cutting down on this, all users should be able to chat and have fun in the chatrooms.
  • The Spanish room remains as a sizable amount of Spanish users use Nonoba.

Moderation was one of the reasons for these changes, as well as some rooms just simply being unused, many users would simply run off to other rooms to spam / cyber where a moderator couldn't catch them.

With less chatrooms the users will also be spread out less thinly, meaning less dead chats and hopefully more user interaction.



Library may be revived in future due to it being more popular than some of the rooms that survived the changeover. 

Due to popular demand in feedback, and the fact that it made reading the forum threads difficult, user ratings no longer hide posts in the forums. The post is given a red score.


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Online counter!

Posted a long time ago by Chris

Just updated the front-page to focus on Multiplayer Games for a period.

As a little bonus I've added an online counter!

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New items on the front page

Posted a long time ago by Chris

Just a quick note that we just added a whole set of new items on the front page. Including a list over latest active forum posts, latest logged in users and most played games pr week.


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We're looking for Moderators

Posted a long time ago by Chris

We are no longer looking for new moderators!

If you are a frequent user of our site, you have likely noticed that we have put more effort into it lately; getting the front-page updated, fixing bugs here and there and even participating in the chat and forums. The reason is that we want to make our site even better as it grows.

We have however reached a size where we are unable handle all the work ourself, therefore we are looking for people in our user-base interested in helping making Nonoba a better place. Specifically we are looking for people wanting to take on the following tasks:

Chat Moderator
The job of the chat moderators is to moderate the chat. Ensure that the tone is friendly, that people do not spam and that the chat generally is a great place to be.

Forum Moderator
Moderators in the forum is the ones who delete inappropriate forum threads, moves threads that are posted in the wrong forums and ban spammers. Again ensuring the forum is a great place to be.

Nonoba Fellow
We now have a contribution system for games on Nonoba. this enables everyone to create better game banners, backgrounds and icons for games. Nonoba fellows task is to create better graphics, icons and backgrounds for games. Besides actually earning XP from such Nonoba fellows will also be able to delete duplicated games and remove bad content from the site.

As a new thing, each type of admin will also soon be marked on their profile, so other users can see that you are a moderator or fellow directly.

If you wish to become any of the above, click here and send a private message to the user Moderators. In the message you should outline why you would make a good moderator or Nonoba fellow.


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Unexpected downtime of service

Posted a long time ago by Chris We just had a pretty bad case of downtime on the Multiplayer Server network. The error was due to a corrupted SVN library and we had to rebuild the environment to get everything running. This is a somewhat time consuming process, but everything should be back up and running as intended.

Sorry for the inconvenience.   

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