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Welcome to my profile


HELLO i am watermelon27

or Emily and im 12

i LOVE gymnastics

i like green,purple and pink

ummm oh yeah i live in canada!

and here are my favourite songs




these are great songs check 'em out if you have time

and i love ♥

my all time besties:

SMILEYSMILE! or misssmiley


and ofcourse


we are also part of the smiles club! :)

and here is how i would describe them!:

(each with a SPECIAL description!)



Missy smiley :)

Impossible to copy!

Loser! SO NOT!


You can't be her!







MissSunshine247:i love how much you care about me and i care about you! you are like a sister and thats why i LOVE you! ☺♥☺


and my BECCA!or skatergirl12: she is my bestie and has been since gr.1! oh how i love her! we are practically sisters and NO stopping us! hehehe ♥ 


yes my pic --> is my big head (i know bad name for a cat) but he was amazing and i loved him OH so much! remember i love you! let peace live on big head! sad story behind this.... ='(

You don't realize just how much you loved that one person, untill they've gone forever i love you big head no matter where you are...

and my little hackers!:

Hey Emsy!Its your bestiest bestie Becca here!Love you so much dont know what I'd do without you!♥


Hello my Missy Sissy!! :D

I just wanted to let you know how much I love you!! <333 You are such an amazing girl!! I am sooo glad I met you! You mean the world to me, and you really are just like a sister!! I love you soo much!!! YOU ARE MY MISSY SISSY!! <3333

Love, Missy Smiley! :) 


MissSunshine247MissSunshine247 said

Posted 11 hours ago

Missymelon27:2010 is almost over, it said 2 pass it on 2 anyone who made me smile this year so Thanks for making me smile :-) ♥

MissSunshine247MissSunshine247 said

Posted 11 hours ago

2010 is almost over, so pass the smile to anyone who made you smile this year. It may surprise you how many you get back :-) =-) :-D

skatergirl12skatergirl12 said

Posted 11 hours ago

ewww thats gross if he did!!!!!!:P hahahaha now we can start singing that song to YOU!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crazygirl101crazygirl101 said

Posted 12 hours ago

y did u erase u r old profile

skatergirl12skatergirl12 said

Posted 13 hours ago

2010 is almost over, so pass the smile to anyone who made you smile this year. It may surprise you how many you get back. Thanks for making me smile :) ♥

skatergirl12skatergirl12 said

Posted 13 hours ago

ewww i hope he didnt actually do what you think he did(im talkin bout biebs)but if he did HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edwardfan6edwardfan6 said

Posted 15 hours ago

hey=) wrud???

skatergirl12skatergirl12 said

Posted yesterday

omg i just love your profile text its so colourful:) hehe especially the smileysmile thing!so cute:D

MissSunshine247MissSunshine247 said

Posted yesterday

hahaha on ur fave songs the 3rd song u like has been blocked where I live :-( hahahahah :-D

skatergirl12skatergirl12 said

Posted yesterday

ya its really pretty!hahahahaha ya i did!!!!!!!!!!!

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