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Haze.Haze. said

2 weeks ago | Post #101
the earth still has 250 billions years of life left.
the sun will get hotter but that means more sunscreen
no storm is gunna hit
no planet will hit
no super flare will hit
no meteorite will hit
no global warming
no natural disaster too big will happen
no nuclear explosion will happen
no flood

The world ends with a radio wave that shuts down the earth O.o wait no not even that

why even think about it...

zexion7787zexion7787 said

2 weeks ago | Post #102 | in reply to #101
the earth ends when the sun runs out of hydrogen to burn up and it will engulf half the universe.

but that'll happen in the year 600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, and by then of course we will find more planets that we can live on :D

Haze.Haze. said

2 weeks ago | Post #103
okay uhmm pick up a biology book
250 billion <--correct number and the sun is just another star in the universe it wont cause much damage..stars blow up every month
supernova is the stage we dont want.
a dawrf star can also be a bad sun...
lets just hopw a darkhole isnt formed by a star close to the solar system were in >.>


2 weeks ago | Post #104
the nuclear bomb explode to all the planet. THE WINNERHJksdf

gamer1234512345gamer1234512345 said

11 days ago | Post #105
stop talking and live your life stop talking LIVE


11 days ago | Post #106
im back and i forgot to mention the nuclear warfare
between china russia and Usa and other countries
a nuclear battle and that will be the end for all of us so either comment right or if u are not going to comment good then stfu

jsheppardjsheppard said

11 days ago | Post #107


by Skeeter Davis
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Santo LeeSanto Lee said

11 days ago | Post #108
Well, here is a few questions acttually that you might want to think about:

If it is the end of the world, then it is the end to all life. Which means that the bird's, the plants, everything will end. And if it is the end of Man Kind, that will mean, the end of all humans. But the thing is, how does everyone know when the world will end, and what will life be like after we gone? Well, I have been researching about this and I have found a few links to help out with this sort of topic.

First of all, I would like to dedicate to this video for those who what life would be like after we are gone:
Life After People on Google Video's

And I would like to dedicate this infomation about 2012:
2012: Six End-of-the-World Myths Debunked

gamer1234512345gamer1234512345 said

2 days ago | Post #109
if planet x is coming why cant we freaking see it if we all die we become ghost if we dont then you will go the HEAVEN or we could find a planet will water and air to breath so we will not die in 2012 so i do not beleave in 2012 so its my choosing i will beleave if i want you can do the same so live you life dont worry about it or it will go faster so live get out and play like disney says so i dont beleave whats you gonna do about it huh hope you like the following websites for 2012

thank you for what i have to say also go to my website
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