hated is 102 years old and living in in a place were im dying YAY! :). It has been a member for 4 months, and was last logged on 15 hours ago.
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Welcome to my profile

note:my site is not mine its some1elses i like his vids there funny :D so thats why i put it up there 

omg vault boy!-------> i wish i died in a nuckerler war that wuld be brutal and awesome this is a mother fucking inventation!! i love those lyrics best song ever :D...soooo hello bitches!!! >:D i kill you jk or not jk who knows...i go by the name asskicker now soooo yep :D the reason im not on that much is because i got a job and im getting a phone 1 more day :D...i love how u guys are stilll reading this...not a rap person more metal or rock punk type of guy SLIPKNOT ROCKS! rip guiar player  :( news has it dio died :'( good thing i saw him live :D this is like the time i had a painttball gun and shot myself in the head 5 times :D im single agian (stupid :P but we all gotta move on someday atleast once) this reminds me of the song *i feel the pain buy dinosour jr* good song tho lets skip the relationship crap..well im in a band im the drummer i got switched to drums :} some of u guys are awesome but some are not u know who u are :)

mood:sad but i dont blame myself :|

well since you decided to scroll down my page to see stpid comments maybe read this first...hoevers name starts with A-L i want u too kick the crap outta them but u cant do that to me remember kids A-L ill do the same so watch out!! maybe u know my goodside but u dont know my bad side!! >:( im gonna tell u a preety funny play i wrote its called

the man who killed everyone

man: shit im mad for no reason im gonna kill everyone)

(so the man walks to his friends hose with a shotgun)

man: get the fuck down u shit fuck!

friend:what what are u doing with the shotgun?

man:im gonna blow ur fucking brains out!

(man shoots friend blood goes everywhere)

(so next the man walk to his gfs house)

man:hey slut time to die!

gf:wait what?

man:u heard me whore

gf:no please dont!!!!

man:this is for all the fights we had ahhhh!!

(man stabs gf repeatavly)

(next the man kills hi teacher)

man:u ready to learn fucking science

teachr:dont kill me please dont noooooooooooo!!!!

(man shoots teacher)

THE END wasent that funny???


brendan67brendan67 said

Posted 2 days ago

i was my oldself but when i had her my life got happier i mean u might be right this may be the only time i got this chance i culd learn what i like and dont like but i dont want to do that stuff maybe i changed a little but but there was girls wasting my time but she wasent like that once u really get to know her ull find out shes awesome but thall take a bit

HeartBrokenLostForeverHeartBrokenLostForever said

Posted 2 days ago

think about it for 1 min and see how much u changed sinced u got her as a gf think about it i want the old u not caring about ure gf u i want funny,lazy,stupid,cool,unsad brendan

HeartBrokenLostForeverHeartBrokenLostForever said

Posted 2 days ago

oh her agian... dude u shld be happy ure free now no stupid girls are holding u back anymore this is once in a lifetime dude just forget about her ure too good for her

brendan67brendan67 said

Posted 2 days ago

i was afraid this wuld happen

brendan67brendan67 said

Posted 2 days ago

i was afraid this wuld happen

brendan67brendan67 said

Posted 2 days ago

yay u made me feel better but im still sad about somethin else

HeartBrokenLostForeverHeartBrokenLostForever said

Posted 2 days ago

sorry for ure loss brendan :( i made u cookies no sharing requierd brendan :)

brendan67brendan67 said

Posted 2 days ago

everyone watch this vid its awesome

brendan67brendan67 said

Posted 2 days ago

nm wizzard girl

brookie-cookiebrookie-cookie said

Posted 2 days ago

sorry that it happend

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