Maxwell Pham is a 10 year old guy living in your planet waiting for extinction of humans, also the stars, or big band. Lets choose big bang.... He has been a member for 11 months, and was last logged on 10 days ago.
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well, i got addicted to reading,math,and soical studies. im ABOUT TO BE in 5rth grade and a good citizen 5 times.I sometimes perfect at art and making stuff easy.i get lazy of lotza work and tests, especally TAKS >:( that few things about me so ya.


4th grade life

 i just can't belive. We listen to michael jackson music all day! i wish there was teachers in other schools like mines.


5th grade life

no life yet


Criken3Criken3 said

Posted 2 months ago



Presley0402Presley0402 said

Posted 5 months ago

I'm 13 and I''m going to be in the 8th grade soon.

hotncold101hotncold101 said

Posted 6 months ago

I'm ten too!I'm going to be in 6th!

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