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Michelle aka Ur little Devil ;P is a 15 year old girl living in ur emotions makin u suffer. She has been a member for 5 months, and was last logged on 4 weeks ago.

Gamer Level: 2

Welcome to my profile



Well Im a very depressed, little 15 year old! ;]




Mood: Pretty damn good thank you!<3

Message me if you want 2 :]




Put this on your  page if you

support or are emo...  








Fuck u guys who hate me bc u dont even know me







gothic.jpg image by greywolf666





gothic-3.jpg image by sweetbabysquirrly





Black Veil Brides ARE THE BEST i love them and i wanna meet them so BAD! 



 Devil Wears Prada


Broken Cycle








goth-anime.jpg lolita image by kimberlysexiii






Jessie and me














The tears i cry

came from the hurt and pain you have caused me.... i try to dry my eyes, but it seems as if my tears never stop ....How do i fix my heart that is broken and how can i bring back the happiness that you took away...my emotions are fragile and weak, i have nothing to say to you but thank you for showing me the other side of life!!!!!













LOVE_IS_LIKE_ROSE.gif image by sparkletags4






Alabama.jpg Sweet Home Alabama image by suthernchik247

"Why would you wanna marry me for anyhow?" She said

"So I can kiss you any time i want!!!!!"

he says:D I love that so romantic<3

My Favorite line in the world<3





guyknight- an awsome guy i dont know what i would do with out him ;D <3

Down fr0m th3 sky- awsome guy, my twin xD hehe<3 


~JENN_C~ an awsome friend :D

Joeyoey99 - Sexybeast, Bff   

BlizkTheDecimater- a dude :D

~Kasey- Yummy~ awsome friend and funni as hell + crazy bitch.

jessjess101- MY BFF in RL

Girlchick5- Sweet friend

 roguealiscious- Great Guy :0

 A Poem By:Me!


The hums of Hell

the light from the moon

here's your death

its goin to go quick

Dont scream, Dont cry

Your my pray

Dont fight me Or.............

Its to late now,I got you, and Im not letting Go.......

(Evil Laugh:O




Not Drunk Graphic


HATS Hats I love NY hats:D







DON'T COMMENT UNLESS U have 2:D ........ Add me if u think im Cool .... But im not so....!!!!!


~Caitlin~~Caitlin~ said

Posted 2 weeks ago

heyyyyyyyy ummmmmmmmm u can hate me idc, but u can call me agian bc i try 2 call u and either the phone is busy or u don't fucking answer.... so i still would like 2 talk 2 u but if u don't want 2 talk that is fine by me idc :P

LauraLove13014LauraLove13014 said

Posted 3 weeks ago

Are you ever going to tell me what we were talking about last time?? who you were goin out wif??... o:

MC-skittlesMC-skittles said

Posted 3 weeks ago

Awesome profile :)

Edua8rdoEdua8rdo said

Posted 4 weeks ago

yes were friends now

sweet-nesssweet-ness said

Posted 4 weeks ago

hey whats up add meh!!!

*Dark Shadow**Dark Shadow* said

Posted 4 weeks ago


Edua8rdoEdua8rdo said

Posted 4 weeks ago

hi dark shadow

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