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Stick Figure is a guy living in The Mushroom Kingdom. He has been a member for 9 months, and was last logged on 7 hours ago.
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Welcome to my profile

 Welcome every1 to my profile! :)

 © Stick Figure's profile is the best profile¡®™


This is me:



 My stupidity test result.

\ O /




/    \

Angry German Kid is Crashing the Keyboard!


And watch Angry German Kid videos at my Pouetpu profile!


I only upload FREE games I promise!


NEW:Nonoba Chat!I created it in 99CHATS,it's my new work.Enjoy this little chat and

I'm an admin in that chat ^_^ The URL(Will open in a new window):


And a little gift I made,"Spank Stick Figure"!! But unfortunately,it's blank.

So call it "Nothin'"...?

"Spank Stick Figure" (Actually nothin'!)


Yea... I still looks like a stick. Will it continue?




Color game,do not read the words,read the colors!

red pink purple blue green yellow

orange red pink purple...

I can sing a rainbow!

If you can do it,your sensorimotor ability is super!  : )


If you want to change your picture into

ASCII Art(if you don't know what is it,

google it),please tell me the page

(must be a picture)and the size in

my comments,and I'll make it for you.

An example:
|              ,!!!!!!!!!,                |
|           .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.           |
|         .!!!!!""       ""!!!!!.         |
|        !!!!"  ,$$MMM$$,  "!!!!          |
|       !!"  .$MMMMMMMMMMMMM$.  "!!       |
|      !!  .MMMMMM"MMMMM"MMMMMM.  !!      |
|     !! .MMMMMMM! !MMM! !MMMMMMM. !!     |
|    !! .MMMMMMMM" "MMM" "MMMMMMMM. !!    |
|   !$ .MMMMMMMM$   $M$   $MMMMMMMM. $!   |
| .:$M $MMMMMMMM!   !M!   !MMMMMMMM$ M$:. |
|:!$M!:MMMM"MMMM:   :M:   :MMMM"MMMM:!M$!:|
|!$$M $MMM" $MMM!   !M!   !MMM$ "MMM$ M$$!|
|$$M$ MM" "MMMMM$   $M$   $MMMMM" "MM $M$$|
|$$M$ M$.$ $MMMMM. .MMM. .MMMMM$ $.$M $M$$|
|!$$M MM$M$ MMMMM! !MMM! !MMMMM $M$M$ M$$!|
|!$$M MM$M$ MMMMM! !MMM! !MMMMM $M$M$ M$$!|
|   "! "MMMM. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" .MMMM" !"   |
|       "MMMM$  ""MMMMMMM""  $MMMM"       |
|        "MMMM$.    """    .$MMMM"        |
|          "MMMM$,     ,$MMMM"            |
|            "$MMMMMmmmMMMMM$"            |
|               ""$$MMM$$""               |


And free browse and dowload π,φ and e.







LCD Text Generator at  







LCD Text Generator at  







LCD Text Generator at  


If you want more digits,please say it in my comments or write in my inbox,I'll try to do



BTW I found a wonderful site!Just like Everybody Edits,you can create a painting or edit
paintings,and you also can link pixel(s) to another painting.You really should see it and enjoy.


My best creation:go into and click my :P,then you

can goto HYPERSPACE!LOL  (just goto random page XD)


I found 5 sites like Nonoba.What are they?If you know,please reply.
They are:


I've got 5 other profiles,they are:

(copy 'n paste this one is weird)


I like ニコニコ動画 too.My avatar is ニコニコ動画's picture. (゚∀゚)

And 3 little profiles:


Actually,I've got more profiles and websites.This is the main part of all.


 At last I want to say I wannabe a mod really,but Moderators is lazy,he must wake up.

Wake up Moderators!

Now I'm reading the Conversation in your inbox.

Hello,I want to be a chat moderator.I can moderate the chat well.And I will stand sentry everyday.I wish to become a chat moderator!Thanks for your support!

/Stick Figure


Check them please!And that's all from me!

Happy Playing!


PS:Please ignore this text below.

Web Statsvar cAKsu='6005';var cAKtm='QW1lcmljYS9OZXdfWW9yaw%3D%3D';var gAKsu = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gAKsu + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));


Stick FigureStick Figure said

Posted 4 weeks ago

Just passing through, so I take a look. Long time no see(LOL)!

Edward o BellaEdward o Bella said

Posted 2 months ago

Har du ingen bild på dig själ..... hälsningar CoolaLalala..!

Edward o BellaEdward o Bella said

Posted 2 months ago

Har du en bild på dig själv?

shawn-9shawn-9 said

Posted 2 months ago

is i god safe dont lie k!

Calipso the vampire kingCalipso the vampire king said

Posted 3 months ago


BlackTears13BlackTears13 said

Posted 3 months ago

nice profile

jan janjan jan said

Posted 3 months ago

Pwease, wif a cherry on top??? XD Check out my orofile when you get the chance, too! It's awsome. :D

jan janjan jan said

Posted 3 months ago

Heyz AGAIN, I haven't seen you in a while, so inbox me??? :D

kyuubi powerkyuubi power said

Posted 3 months ago


majikichimajikichi said

Posted 3 months ago

HAHAHA^^ Thanks.
But I understand my English is strange. LOL
Because I don't know the grammar, only easy English can be spoken.

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