King of GETs
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King of GETs is a 55 year old guy living in Realm of 5s.
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Effective July 22nd, 2010: I'm back


Effective May 17th, 2010: I will be taking a break.

It could be 5 days, 5 weeks, or even 5 or more months, so until then, see you all around.


Oh, how ironic fate can be.


It's late at night, and I saw that /b/ was nearing the 283444444 GET, so I went for it and got it. This is my first ever 6-in-a-row GET on /b/, which proves just how random fate can be.


Look at that baka.


Tee hee


The first two threads you see in this screencap are mine. On the third, it jumped from about 40455520 to about 40455580 in the span of a second, so instead of going for it, I sat back, put on my coolface, and went along for the ride.


Nonoba is being stupid and not showing image thumbnails for some reason. Here's this one.


It is 9/11, so I did something for it.


39922222 GET


No, I'm not back. Throughout the course of my retirement, I've gotten a few unclaimed GETs on /a/ out of boredom, none of which using anything related to Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm only taking credit for this due to the context of my other GETs on /tr/ and to say that I did not get 29855555 the day prior.


Cancer Pyramid SEP 10


I don't get GETs on /a/ anymore, but I still go there on occasion. Here's a new version of the Cancer Pyramid.


6033333 GET /jp/


This was a minor GET. The reason there are so many posts reacting to it is because /vp///tr/ was in on the fun.



699999 GET (/vp/)


I was stopping by /vp/ and saw that the board was 61 posts away from 700000, so for the heck of it, I posted Cirno. The following result came at no surprise.


Doubles Guy Meme Ends


Even retired folk come out of retirement every now and again. This does not mean I'm back, but I thought this GET was nice.


The Top 10 /a/ Events for 2009


This is a list I compiled for 2009. Many thanks to those who offered good suggestions.





GET Chart


Yami Yugi and Cirno


Kudos to the man who posted this picture.


Also, kudos to iopq for coloring it.


Yami Yugi and Cirno (Vector)


This was vectored by lolwat2.


Cirno punching KoG


I don't know who made this, but I found it amusing.