Alice in Spaceland 2

Alice in Spaceland 2

Follow these steps to play the game

Arrow Keys to Move

Spacebar to Fire


You are playing the Original Version. If the height or bullets are bothering you, play the Modified Version:

It has the exact same bullets as AiS1, making them easier to see, and the height is 700x700 instead of 700x777. If 700 is still too tall for you, then oh well, I'm not reducing it any more than that. Any more comments complaining about either will be deleted. After all, the game can't be too easy, can it?

In my opinion, this game is a bit more challenging than the last. Instead of giving a giant chunk of lives for the entire game, I distributed the lives for each level, that way if too many people complain that it's too easy or hard, I can change the one level's lives count instead of the entire game.

For those having trouble with certain parts of the game, here's a video of some game play:


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