Follow these steps to play the game

[→] - Move right
[←] - Move left
[↑] - Move up
[↓] - Move down
[R] - Restart the maze¹
[M] - Mute the music²
[P] - Unmute the music (use with caution)²
[SPACEBAR] - Fire³

¹Cannot be used in maze 30 of Normal/Yami Mode

²Cannot be used in maze 30 of Normal/Yami Mode or maze 20 of Expert Mode

³Only in Hidden Mode


Since everybody wanted me to make more mazes, I made some more.

I warn you, this game is NOT for the feint of mind. Only truly disciplined, patient, and contemplative individuals will be able to pass all three modes entirely.

Time to see how many people read the description for games. In order to access Hidden Mode, go to the Achievements Board and view the added description for the "Challenge Seeker" achievement.


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