Alice in Spaceland

Alice in Spaceland

Follow these steps to play the game

[SPACEBAR] to fire
Arrow Keys to move
[CTRL] to restart
[V] to Pause/Slow Down (use at your own risk)

At the end of each mode, Cirno will appear. If you kill Cirno, the game will restart, but if you don't kill her, it won't do anything until you refresh the page or press [CTRL]. The second you see Cirno is when your high score is recorded.

In my opinion, even Hard Mode isn't that "hard" once you know where everything is at, and yes, Lunatic Mode IS possible (I beat it with two lives left, and I even made a couple of silly mistakes). This game is quite easy once you understand how everything works and can recognize patterns to follow when facing each boss.


Even in Flash, F.O.E.!

Wait a minute...

EDIT: I have added additional lives to Easy, Medium, and Hard mode, and I have redistributed the XP to reflect the relative difficulties of the modes.

EDIT 2: I've now put up a video of Hard Mode for those having trouble:


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