Cirno Xi

Cirno Xi

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The instructions are in the FAQ in the game. No seriously, READ THE FAQ, even if you already read it in Alice Xi.


UPDATE: I was bored, so I made another boss. It's really easy, so those who have beat everything else should have no problems.

I decided to put The Strongest Battle as an achievement in Cirno Xi since I know people like achievements. However, unlike the Easy Mode I put elsewhere, the one I uploaded here is Normal Mode, which has 3 lives instead of 5. However, normal players shouldn't have too much difficulty with it, and experienced players may still be able to beat it in one go. Unlike my other games, this one runs at 60 fps instead of 30, which makes the game play seem smoother. Also at the end when it says "Get Spell Card Bonus 999,999,999", that was just there for reference. For those too lazy to look in the achievements section to find the link, here it is:

I finally added the SP Boss. It was supposed to come before the EX Boss, but I kept coming across glitches and was too lazy to fix them until now. The credits have also been updated (beat the EX Boss to see them).

I was originally planning on having this as an extra mode in Alice Xi, but after seeing how crowded that game is already, I decided to just make this a game itself. Unlike previous games, this game only has 3 levels and focuses more on enemy fire than on the enemies themselves.

As usual, hereare some game play videos:


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