hello hello is a 15 year old guy living in OH. He has been a member for 19 months, and was last logged on 2 months ago.
hello hello has a website at http://www.playlist.com/revelation31/playlists

Gamer Level: 8

Welcome to my profile

deathclock the is awesome!

  rocko the clowns awesome to                   


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoheCz4t2xc&feature=channel like the how htey make the album at the end

Check out jesus stole my girlfriend on playlist or somethin


Rainbows and stuff!


Reaper83Reaper83 said

Posted 7 months ago

jajaja i guess so thanx

eastside214eastside214 said

Posted 10 months ago

haha thanx man

IamSlslsIamSlsls said

Posted 10 months ago

lol dude was playin bombnatorsd like a month ago and i lagged so bad i waws able to go to the opposite corner when it was loadin

lH O lR I Z O lNlH O lR I Z O lN said

Posted a long time ago

just letting all my friends (710+) know that i have been thinking about leaving nonoba for some time now. i will be leaving nonoba end of september, take care in all that u do and best of luck
lH O lR I Z O lN


SunZynSunZyn said

Posted a long time ago

hi i played Sneaky Tanks

IamSlslsIamSlsls said

Posted a long time ago

aw didnt even know what year i was born in

iamsisisiamsisis said

Posted a long time ago

te hell im not 11...........

IamSlslsIamSlsls said

Posted a long time ago

btw eathan so you dont ask me if i made a new account

i made a new account

Ethan122Ethan122 said

Posted a long time ago

how is ur mask doing tell it i wuv it!!!! <3

SunZynSunZyn said

Posted a long time ago

I played Sneaky Tanks
Cam you?

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