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Welcome to my profile

 umm hi there. i'm somewhat original. but not much. ;D


HACKED!! By Yours Truely! elementz__

And right there Up there ^ yea there, is the best person evar!!! <3





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Users that consider themselves friends of cutie4104  :

Tifennie   meh fav bish on nonoba <33  

dominic361   my pedo demetri martin/the douche that dosent have me on his list..but still.. <3

Haze my dad <.< <3

Agentehalo   awsome friend :D <3

Mr. MurderDeathKill   he gives me free hugs <3 

elementz__   is my hamstah! <3

Tifennie   meh fav bitch on nonoba <33  

Turtl3   my pet turtle/turtle car   :3 <3


emo boy 123  yay :3   

killswitchengage  kill- a witch- then a gay.

Flinston3    really kool guy hes my buddeh~! <3

  LOVE NIGHT first friend.. i think

 RainBob   lik her name :D

Musiclovar   <-- ur my IDOL!! X3 <3

javgier  i never see him around <.<

Tiffers   tifennie!

abishofpancakes      meh sexy bitch


Other plp   <-- other plp are awsome ^-^

Untitled1.png picture by Danielle4104 Untitled2.png picture by Danielle4104


i wuv u bff :D 

JUST FRIENDS!! <_< piggy back rides!! :3




.♥.Tender kiss on the side of ur lips = ur mine


The Little Girl (Joke):

A man was walking down the beach and he saw a girl with no arms and no legs crying, he asked the girl why are you crying.She said, “I have never been hugged before”.

He said, “I will hug you” , so he hugs her and walks away.
Next day the man walking down the same part of the beach and he sees the girl crying, so he askes her whats wrong, she says, “I have never been kissed before”.

He said, “I will kiss you”. So he picks her up and kisses her on the cheek.
The next day the man is walking down the beach and the little girl is crying again.
So he asks her whats wrong today, she said, “I have never been f**ked before” , so he said ok, he picks her up and throws her into the ocean and says, “now your f**ked” .  




 Family Guy MySpace Images - 1.gif Family Guy MySpace Images - animated100.gif


fighting.png Cyanide and Happiness image by Vampires_Kendri 

1. Turn the volume all the way UP. 

2. DONT Turn the computer off. 
4. CLICK that link^

5. >:3 


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folkkksssfolkkksss said

Posted 6 days ago

China Restaurant!! looool xD

AgentehaloAgentehalo said

Posted 7 days ago

xD cutiee!! why nerd? D:

Mr. MurderDeathKillMr. MurderDeathKill said

Posted 7 days ago

i support Titty Cancer thats why im in pink

Haze..Haze.. said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Fake ily

~Kawasaki~Rider~~Kawasaki~Rider~ said

Posted 2 weeks ago

You're welcome :)

Leon_Kennedy_S.T.A.R.SLeon_Kennedy_S.T.A.R.S said

Posted 2 weeks ago

cool profile :D

Mr. MurderDeathKillMr. MurderDeathKill said

Posted 2 weeks ago

how are yuh buddy :)

~Kawasaki~Rider~~Kawasaki~Rider~ said

Posted 2 weeks ago

I like your profile... mine sucks compared to this haha :/

hagoofyhagoofy said

Posted 4 weeks ago

ur wlcome and u are sexy 2

pacgirlpacgirl said

Posted 4 weeks ago

did u copy cutie567

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