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Welcome to my profile

the king of all sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ravenclaw said

Posted a long time ago

Well, it's a little late, but Happy Halloween.

DeathrocksyayDeathrocksyay said

Posted a long time ago

i was the guy called zetris i forgot my password (i never put my real email in)
so...i cant come back to zetris

scrpionscrpion said

Posted a long time ago

dude im ray ray1 but i kinda 4got my password dammit

baconbacon said

Posted a long time ago

i had 3 blue eyes dragons and the card to combine to make 3 eye blue dragon.Can Take that out in 1 shot.

Ravenclaw said

Posted a long time ago

Hi. Who are you?

registeelregisteel said

Posted a long time ago

cool yu-gi-oh card!!

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