Lorenzo Nuvoletta is a 28 year old guy living in Napoli. He has been a member for 32 months, and was last logged on 7 weeks ago.
Lorenzo Nuvoletta has a website at http://www.lorenzgames.com

Gamer Level: 14
Developer Level: 11

Welcome to my profile

Hello, check my site http://www.lorenzgames.com


HaretonHareton said

Posted 7 weeks ago

you know, i've never been much interested in games (people of my age had a bit different preferences in life:) but my grandson recently showed me some online games and having nothing else to do i found them pretty interesting! sure thing, I have certain problems playing them now, but I downloaded lots of helpful tutorials by http://www.sharedshares.com shared files search and step by step improve my skills. I'd like to say that i really liked your site: so many games, so much work for me)))

RamitosRamitos said

Posted 3 months ago

:) You games is great

krisko01krisko01 said

Posted 7 months ago


krisko01krisko01 said

Posted 7 months ago

az sam krisko

janpitjanpit said

Posted 9 months ago

i know 3 hackers that are simone3 prettygirl898 and lucy

ITClownITClown said

Posted 10 months ago

and thanks a lot for create this awesome game.
its the best in nonoba for me =)

ITClownITClown said

Posted 10 months ago

and if u want more proves look at the achievements of bombators if they really get their wins fairly they must have a lot of achievements but they dont have it. if u get 10 wins in a battle u get an achievement, u get another one if u get 25 victories in the battle and the same with 50 victories and if u find the big coin u get another one.

ITClownITClown said

Posted 10 months ago

3 hackers in highscore of bombators =( nobody do something. kevinsl mightydude and ricardo perez are the hackers they got their score in less than a minute. its imposible. and if u want proves look in kevinsl profile. he said that he was deleted by hacking.

RandomCheetosRandomCheetos said

Posted a long time ago

Hey man ive been looking for games that are additing and these are the best games ive ever played.

Juanma...Juanma... said

Posted a long time ago

good games...!

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Hope to find lot of people soon :)
Multiplayer Dots and BoxesMultiplayer Dots and Boxes
cus i was going to do the same game :D
Pizza KingPizza King
Cool game
Space Invaders MultiplayerSpace Invaders Multiplayer
Couse its mine :D
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