will the world end on december 21,2012

Vanilla FaceVanilla Face said

8 months ago | Post #81
it will
end :3

kittyent68kittyent68 said

8 months ago | Post #82 | in reply to #76
That's your calendar it must be the publisher's mistake. It could happened people said previous dates like 2000, 2003, 2008(That one my friend said we die because of the air pollution and that didn't happened) so could be true could be false.

TobyToby said

8 months ago | Post #83 | in reply to #82
Read my post properly.

shadow_wolfshadow_wolf said

8 months ago | Post #84
i like jannines idea

GrAcIeE bAbIeEGrAcIeE bAbIeE said

7 months ago | Post #85
i sure do hope not

Jon LuJon Lu said

7 months ago | Post #86
Idk its hard topic.

The Mayans after all were an advanced civilization(for their time period).

They were great astronomers, mathematicians and after all they did predict their own demise, which happened to be true.

Also i heard theirs some kinda ancient "clock/calender" in Asia that only goes up to 12-21-2012 and then stops.

Maybe it might end but then again it might not end.

People have been predicting the end of time ever since time existed.Its one of those nonstop cycles that repeats itself over and over again.

Especially Christians(No offense, i myself am i christian) and other religous groups.

The funny thing though is that life ends also, no one lives forever.

Its gonna happen eventually, death is a part of life.

So stop worrying

shadow_wolfshadow_wolf said

7 months ago | Post #87
well religon is no matter here yes you chistains belive youll go to heaven but the truth is you will just rott in a hole in the ground

Jon LuJon Lu said

7 months ago | Post #88
Wow someones optimistic lol

SLAYER98567.SLAYER98567. said

7 months ago | Post #89
...ok.....this ... is....stupid....cmon u cant predict the end of the world other ppl tried and were obviously wrong also technically the world can end at any moment but if u worry about it all the time it might as well have because if u waste ur time worrying about death u might as well be dead for u have never truly lived

GrAcIeE bAbIeEGrAcIeE bAbIeE said

4 months ago | Post #90
I sure do hope not :L

FluffFluff said

4 months ago | Post #91
Look! In two months, GrAcIeE bAbIeE learned how to capitalize 'i' and how to use smileys! Progress!
Post #92 deleted

Recon XRecon X said

4 months ago | Post #93
If Armageddon came God will already save all who deserve it.God will give us a sign.The rest of the people on earth will be killed or enslaved by the Devil.
Post #94 deleted

][Steven][][Steven][ said

4 months ago | Post #95 | in reply to #94
Please don't make this thread an argument over religion. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but there is no need to thrust yours upon others. Same with you Recon X. People will NOT go to hell because they don't share the same beliefs as you.
Last edited 4 months ago

TobyToby said

4 months ago | Post #96 | in reply to #95
Tell that to the jehovah's witnesses who come knocking on my door. =D
Post #97 deleted

Teh_1337manTeh_1337man said

4 months ago | Post #98 | in reply to #97
Could that be scary enough!

PS: rofl replying and still goes on now.

GrAcIeE bAbIeEGrAcIeE bAbIeE said

4 months ago | Post #99
I'm sure if the world was going to end 12, 2012, wouldnt it be all over the news and in the news papers??, and people would be making documents about it and why its gonna happen?
Last edited 4 months ago
Post #100 by aaron the hedgehog has a score of -2. show

aaron the hedgehogaaron the hedgehog said

4 months ago | Post #100
from watchin a documentarry i heard the world's gonna have yet ANOTHER ice age (but thats predicted)

And about the world ending when they did the Big Bang last year they said "there is a chance the world will end if the Big Bang does not work" and the world didn't

and when ppl said Aliens would invade they didn't but there are rumors of an Alien Invasion

and when the Dinosaurs got wiped out from the Meteor Humans Adapted

And finally when Swine Flu invaded England Scientists made a "drug" to stop the Swine Flu and it worked

So like everyone has said No

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