][Steven][ is a 15 year old guy living in Canada. He has been a member for 31 months, and was last logged on 2 days ago.

Gamer Level: 12

Welcome to my profile


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shisaashisaa said

Posted 2 months ago

lol I could listen to you talk forevah. ;o

NewfagsNewfags said

Posted 2 months ago

Hey Steven (:

Su-yeonSu-yeon said

Posted 2 months ago


kingofkillinallkingofkillinall said

Posted 3 months ago

Nice profile, :D

RandomOneRandomOne said

Posted 3 months ago


DeAdLy PiKeYDeAdLy PiKeY said

Posted 4 months ago

How did you get your XBL avatar on there? Was it off the xbox site?

turtle man 123turtle man 123 said

Posted 5 months ago

Sir I MUST know, do you swim well?

GevockGevock said

Posted 5 months ago

Noticed your comment in Kongregate's Off-Topic. Sorry my regulars can be a bit unruly, hope you don't take it personally. If you see any threads on site invasion such as the one you posted in, feel free to flag the original post and I'll resolve the issue. Thanks.

musiclovarmusiclovar said

Posted 6 months ago


Itz been a wong time since I've seen yhu

I love chuu?


I like chu?


I like chu as a friend?


AllyyAllyy said

Posted 6 months ago

i haven't seen you in a LONGGGGG time D:

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