whats with the black boxes

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onloveonlove said

6 weeks ago | Post #1
well you know before chris actually added black bricks, well i saw the old ones again the ones that don't have lines in between them. How do you do them? I used to know how to do it the old one but not the new one.

DCShasoDCShaso said

6 weeks ago | Post #2
The only way to get old black is thru cheat engine.

jonnie419jonnie419 said

6 weeks ago | Post #3
hmmm i dont know
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KingBooFanKingBooFan said

6 weeks ago | Post #5
do you mean those super black blocks?
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ABC BoyABC Boy said

6 weeks ago | Post #7
it is already explained in anyone talk about blue coins?(old forum)
cheat engine 5.6(or 5.6.1)
click empty block scan 6
click grey brick scan 78
try again if you can't se only 1 adress
left arrow : 14
up arrow : 22
Right arrow: 30
dot: 38
black brick(old): 790 or 310
blue coin: 814
yellow coin: 806
dark yellow(only for 5.6.1): 886
dark blue(only for 5.6.1): 894
blue block : 86
purple block : 94
edit:old black is fixed and it will only work for ee animator
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6 weeks ago | Post #9
mmm I don't know !.!.!

willard bwillard b said

6 weeks ago | Post #10
omg thanks abcboy ive been looking for the proper codes to the black brick for ever (i got 5.6.1) woooohooo

15Master115Master1 said

5 weeks ago | Post #11
"Using these "hacks" is against the Nonoba Terms of Service and can warrant a ban. "

willard bwillard b said

5 weeks ago | Post #12
oh whell they didnt work anyway, but they did fuckup my web browser but know its back to normal
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15Master115Master1 said

5 weeks ago | Post #13 | in reply to #12
Its probably because your hands are curved xD

willard bwillard b said

5 weeks ago | Post #14
#13 oh pi*s off... sorry but your a mean person, so maby you should try envesting in some good maners... gosh
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onloveonlove said

3 days ago | Post #15
k thanks for all the help

RFC 1178.RFC 1178. said

3 days ago | Post #16
actually open cheat engine go make a room and click on the empty brick.Then open cheat engine and scan 6. then click the grey brick.Open cheat engine and put 78 and press next scan. you should have one adrress left if not repeat the steps.click the address and change it to 350.Then click and you will have black blocks and everyone can see them.

ABC BoyABC Boy said

2 days ago | Post #17
it get anti-cheated on Cheat engine already...
u can do it with ee animator+wpe pro

den3107den3107 said

yesterday | Post #18
isn't the EE animator WPE Pro?

ABC BoyABC Boy said

yesterday | Post #19
no.EE animator is for makeing all bricks,make words,make arts and animations.and WPE Pro is for sumbitting them.

den3107den3107 said

yesterday | Post #20
oh ok
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