den3107 is a 13 year old guy living in a lonely life ¬_¬ T_T. He has been a member for 27 months, and was last logged on 13 hours ago.

Gamer Level: 8
Developer Level: 2

Welcome to my profile








Scanning complete!


Status is:


Nick name: den3107

Favorite creature: Dragons

Favorite chat: Basecamp

Favorite game: Everybody Edits

Favorite moderators: jordie1995 - Cyclone103

Relation: Singel

Mostly doing: Chatting

Mostly is: Bored

Rest of status: not scanned yet


Got an upgrade for the scanning programme?

Then send an PM.



Wish i was the blue dragon on my background T_T ¬_¬



I can help people doing CSS (profile) a bit =3

(i can do background and comment box)


just send a PM or set a comment on my profile and i send you an example to give you all of the things i can make in CSS  ^_^



Some smileys of me! =D =3 (if you're in basecamp you will probably see them)


>=3 is: Little devil

<=3 is: Dildoooo!!! =D XD



some protesting smiley =O


^(T_T)>| SOOOO BORED |<(T_T)^


^(T_T)>| WE WANT TO CHAT |<(T_T)^


^(T_T)>| WE WANT ... |<(T_T)^ (on the ... stands a name)





(>^_^)> <(^_^)> <(^_^<)



Run baby, ruunn!¡!


^(O_O^)      <(^_^<)



 We lovehuging =D


(>^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)> <(^_^<)



Go me!!!








 /     /================================================================|


(teo say it if i may not copy this 1 =3 XD



History class ¬_¬


| ¬_¬   -_-   -_-   -_-   -_- (the ¬_¬ is the teacher and the -_- are the sleaping children =D) (wish i could sleep at history =\)



I sometimes like to set copyright on my smileys =3© XD© =D©



 and a special 1 =3





You may copy NONE of these smileys!! (yes you ...Samiha... ¬_¬)


More i haven't got yet T_T =3 (or i need to copy but i don't do that ^_^)



And i'm finally done with the firts part of my story =D ( link = go read it if you want =D)



Any questions or commentairy?¿?

Just PM  me or set a comment on my profile =3



P.S. on Everybody Edits i got my own crew (so yes i'm the leader =D =P =3) called:

 "GA Crew" (the forum name is "GA Crew (Reborn)")

read it and send an apply if you would like to join or feel free to ask anything about the crew =3 =P =D



now bye all o/ (my last smiley that is waving =3)


Who Cares...Who Cares... said

Posted 4 hours ago

yay everybody edits game :D

den3107den3107 said

Posted yesterday


jaydahjaydah said

Posted 2 days ago

hey bru

hellsonic2100hellsonic2100 said

Posted 4 days ago

hi den met me at 10 pmoclock first thing k

FunAndLovingFunAndLoving said

Posted 4 days ago

den, i am on right now!!!!!! go 2 basecamp so that we can c each other!!!!!! D=

den3107den3107 said

Posted 5 days ago

but tthanks you like it =3

den3107den3107 said

Posted 5 days ago

wind it's about the game 'kingdom hearts' and the genre is fantesy

WindTearWindTear said

Posted 6 days ago

den, i just read you story on! it was good! Wh'ts it about and whats its genre? I enjoy writing myself and I am currently working on a story too (I have to get a deviantart account) and keep up the writing! :)

FunAndLovingFunAndLoving said

Posted 6 days ago

den, i miss u!!!!!! D= i haven't seen u in days! comment me back, k? luv uz!

den3107den3107 said

Posted 7 days ago

ty light =3
btw if you ask leg how good i am on minigames you will find out more =3

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