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Nonoba Payments

Step 1: Sell items in your game

Sell anything, at any price, from one cent to hundreds of dollars, and choose your own payment model:

  • Trial to Purchase Give away some gameplay, but only allow paying players to access the entire game.
  • Pay as you go Sell extra levels or maps for players who liked your game but want more challenges.
  • Items & Upgrades Sell many small in-game items that give an advantage for small amounts.
  • ... Or just take donations Ask your players to pay however much they think is fair for your game.
70/30 revenue split

Step 2: Profit!

Real money from your games

  • 70/30 Revenue Split For all money spent on your game, you will get 70%.

    We keep 30% to cover our costs of payment provider fees and management of purchased items.

    It's the same split as Apples iPhone App Store!
  • No Hidden Fees We will never charge you anything above the 30%, not for hosting, credit card fees, fraud, chargebacks, "marketing expenses" or anything else.

See it in action

Payment is handled inside your flash game, through a dialog that pops up over your game

Test an example game here »

Nonoba Payment Screenshot


Everything in the payment flow, from the in-game dialogs, webpages to invoice e-mails, is designed to be as simple and generic as possible.

The player knows that he is buying the item from you, the developer, and that Nonoba Payment is just the payment provider. It's like PayPal for games - It's your game, and your players, we just make it easy to pay.

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Getting Started

If you are interested, but unsure of how to get started, just follow the simple guide we have prepared for you:

Getting started with Nonoba Payment »



Do you still have any questions? If so, we have written an extensive FAQ that should hopefully answer all your questions.

Nonoba Payment FAQ »

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