Rob is a guy living in Massachusetts. He has been a member for 6 months, and was last logged on 6 weeks ago.

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Welcome to my profile








Hiiiiii (:

my favorite colors happen to be red and black,i think they just go well together (:

I like basketball,football,and baseball...

well really all sports :D

*i'm a really active person :P*

Name:Rob...u'll forget it sooner or later,many ppl have...

Age: very few ppl know :),i believe too many ppl judge by age nowadays...

 Home: Ma. U.S.

i would make a friends list but ya know...they know who they are <3333 

whatever i do,i always feel so cold...no joke its true ,its weird...all started recently..

i only have one profile,all else who say they're me are F_A_K_E! thanks for seeing (: 


You can be the fire to my Ice 


I sit here waiting for something to happen 


i spent all that time waiting for the girl who never came... 


your either the perfect two,two halves that fit

perfectly together,or not so perfect after all...


i close my eyes and keep the truth inside 


If i had a penny for everytime you crossed my mind i'd be a billionaire by tomorrow 


every person dies, but not every person lives  


 Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.


The purpose of life is a life of purpose 


Life is a book and you are the author, but u must pick up the pen first 


imagination and knowledge  are both equal to know


without music is like without color in the world 


all wars are civil wars because all men are brothers 


If we dont end war,war will end humanity itself 


war doesnt determine who is right, only who is left 


Dreams are illustrations...from the book

your soul is writing


A friend is one who knows you and

loves you the same 


common sense is not so common anymore 


A journey of a million miles begins with a single step 


its not where you come from,its where your going 

Songs i Like,not love...just like :)

(no order intenended) 

Timbaland/One Republic-Apologize

Daniel Powter-Bad Day

30 Seconds to Mars-This is War

All American Rejects-Move Along

3 Doors Down-Here Without you

Skillet-Would It Matter 

Shinedown-Breaking Inside

Owl City-Fireflies

Breaking Benjamin-Dear Agony

Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars

M.C.R.-Famous Last Words

John Mayer-Free Falling

Three Days Grace-Gone Forever

Kris Allen-Live Like We're Dying

Paramore-The Only Exception

Lifehouse-You and Me

Breaking Benjamin-Without you

The Fray-You Found Me

Hoobastank-The Reason 

Papa Roach-Forever



ColdPlay-Viva La Vida

Michael Buble-Havent Met You Yet 

Green Day-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Breaking Benjamin-Blow Me Away

Green Day-Holiday

Jay-Z/various artists-Run This Town

Fall Out Boy-Thanks For The Memories 

T.I./Justin Timberlake-Dean And Gone

Five For Fighting-Superman

Michael Buble-Lost

 Three Days Grace-World So Cold

Owl City-Vanilla Twilight

Green Day-21 Guns

Nickelback-If Today was Your Last Day

The Script-Breakeven

Eminem-Not Afraid

B.O.B./Hayley Williams-Airplanes

The Script-The Man Who Cant Be Moved

Rascal Flatts-Here Comes Goodbye

Linkin Park-New Divide

Taio Cruz-Break Your Heart

Lifehouse-Whatever It takes

Nickelback-If Everyone cared

Train-Hey Soul Sister

Three Days Grace-Over and Over

Bon Jovi-Its my Life

One Republic-Secrets

Breaking Benjamin-I Will Not Bow

Goo Goo Dolls-Iris

The Fray-Never Say Never

Kevin Rudolf-Let It Rock

Linkin Park-Breaking The Habit

Taio Cruz-Dynamite

Skillet-One Day Too Late

The Fray-How to Save A Life

Kings Of Leons-Use Somebody

Linkin Park-Numb

John Mayer-Waiting on The World to Change

Three Days Grace-Break

T.I.-Whatever You Like 


Poems: (colors seperate different ones...xD)

whenever i hear your name                        If i had one wish

my heart starts to fill with pain                  and i had to use it today

cause i realize i still miss you                    i'd only wish for you

but i dont know what to do                          and for you just to stay


i walk this empty street                               music is my life

on the only road i'll ever see                      i listen to music all the time

the only one who did the same                  it brings me to life

 was the only one who called my name   because i love all the rhymes

 there are the people who                           name and age dont matter to me

help me when i'm confused                       they might matter to you

then there are the others                            but thats for you to choose

who think i'm there to be used                  cause all it takes is personality


when someone says                                    almost everyday

that they're going to bed                              almost every night

it really doesnt mean                                    i look for you                          

that they want to be dead                            but your out of sight


Status:back...for now... :3

Mood:ummm..was great...now confused...dnt know wat to do

Thinking about:why there arent more ppl who help

others in need

whats behind this? █ ████ ███


Fire skulls :D




the end...


i like swords


cool swords


Fire and Ice

fire and ice

fire and ice

fire and ice once again...lol

fire and ice :)



skatergirl12skatergirl12 said

Posted 13 days ago

hey where are you!!!!!!!

Opey843 said

Posted 3 weeks ago

Were'd you go? :'(

jan janjan jan said

Posted 5 weeks ago

yus, you changed it!

SmileySmileSmileySmile said

Posted 5 weeks ago

:'( WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

lol apparently its not xD
gone for a month and so many people have to tell me about it

User Of This Year.User Of This Year. said

Posted 5 weeks ago

Also good :D Looking forward to playing with you zombies or anything :333

Emogurl101Emogurl101 said

Posted 5 weeks ago

GIRL DIED IN 1993, A MAN BURIED HER IN HER OWN home when she was still alive. The murderer chanted, "Toma sota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will stand at the side of your bed starring straight int your eyes. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. This story is sadly true. If you post this 5 differnt times she will not.

Anna Loves UAnna Loves U said

Posted 5 weeks ago


SmileySmileSmileySmile said

Posted 6 weeks ago

I know but I just haven't found the right guy that has made me feel that way. Yes, I am 15..;P

Yeah that is really true. I try to make people feel special, but like you said people can end up taking it the wrong way and think I like them when really I am just being a friend. And all of those things you just asked are things I want, but I have to find the right guy who will be the answer to all of the questions for me! :)

Rawr97Rawr97 said

Posted 6 weeks ago

I can't believe I missed you D:

Crapppppp, I might be on Thursday :/

I really don't know kiddo.

But I do know that I love ya :DDDDDDD

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