Follow these steps to play the game

-- Hotkeys ---------------------
+ = Higher Level
- = Lower Level

-- Next Level ------------------
In level 1 you have to kill a minimum of 50% of all enemies. In Level 2 a min. of 52%. In Level 3... After level 15 or so you have to kill all enemies!!

-- Information -----------------
There is a possibility to start with more money than 20, 25 and 30 dollars. You have to raise your player level! Just play any mode (excludes sandbox) several times (it doesn't matter whether you get many points or not, you just have to get some points). While you play, you get messages about level-up's. If you start a game now, you will get [Level]$ extra in every mode.

-- Rewards ----------------------
Tower F - Level 10
Tower G - Level 20


NASTY - Not Another Starland Tower-Defense. Yeah!


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Tower F Tower G Tower H Tower I
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