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Welcome to my profile

hey now,hey now,hear what i say now happiness is just around the corner!!!:D

welcome to my profile!! these are some things about me!!im a boy my favorite colors are blue and black my favorite holiday is christmas!!!!!!!my favorite sport is basketball my birthday is on october 19 im awesome i spend most of the time hanging out with my friends!!!!i live in kentucky i like cars,tv,and nonoba!!!my favorite boy singer is linkin park my favorite girl singer is selena gomez my favorite group singer is the black eyed peas!!!i love going to kings island,cedar point, and disney world!!!!i love new york!!!my favorite songs are tempurature by sean paul,pump it by black eyed peas, and round and round by selena gomez!!:) 



ok ppl now here are my friends!they are very special!!!you should make good friends with them too!every friend on here is always on my side!!!:)



1.smileysmile:she is the greatest person ever to know!shes so creative and nice!she has a great profile and she could put a smile on anyones face!i always talk to her a lot because shes special!!!:D 

2.trey songz:i know i hardly ever talk to him but hes still a good friend to chat with and play with and even send messages to even know i havent gave him a message but know matter what hes awesome!!

3.skatergirl12:shes someone who makes makes me smile all the time!she does the cutest things and  shes very special to me!i wanna do a lot of things with her because she has good ideas on what to do!!:D

4.ristaeo:shes such a fun person to chat with and shes very nice!sometimes i like messing around with her but also i like these conversations we have!i think i should give her a present!!!!!:D

5.king999commande2:i do like how he does funny things and helps me around!!its awesome when he finds something fun for us to do!!another thing thats awesome about him is that hes not rediculous to me lol!!!!!:D 

6.anna the angel:shes an awesome angel because she can put a smile on anyones face no matter what happens!shes so sweet and cool and im never gonna end up fighting with her!:D 

7.joakin cervantes:hes very fun to chat with because theres these conversations that we have and they're not boring to me!!they're actually kind of fun and so is throwing fire crackers!!!!!:D 

8.miguelramirez:hes one of the ppl that i like chatting!!i like chatting with him because hes the best at a lot of things!even though we gt bored we still like to chat with eachother!!!!!:D 

9.giovanniLZ:one of the things i like about him is that he has a cool pic!!another thing i like about him is that hes just too nice!!its so awesome when he treats me the exact way i wanna be treated!!!!!!!:D 

10.halo1234567890:hes a very cool person!!!!its all good when we just have a simple conversation!!we both like checking out cool stuff on the internet together!!i should mess around this time!!!!!:D

11.trentdrocks:someone who gives me the nicest comments ever!!!he even does some things that just surprise me!!he is also one of my BFFS even know i havent been his friend for a long time!!!!!!:D

12.1JAKEW1:this guy has been my friend for a very long time, even when i was a guest we were friends!!i think about the things we should do together!!he is one of the ppl i like to chat with!!hes also somebody who makes happy!!!!:D

13.bieber baby2:she makes me and my heart happy!!shes someone who stalks me sometimes but im still ok with that!!shes always very nice and helpful to me and she'll always be my friend no matter what happens!:D 

14.MC-skittles:hes one of the coolest ppl on here!!! he also helps me the right way and thats one of the reasons why he makes a good friend!!im really HAPPY now!:D

15.franchy:shes so nice because she likes my profile!!!! i like her profile too because of the background and the text and ESPECIALLY the pic!!!if i had a pic of her i'd put on my walls and doors!:D 

16.ENDWAR000:a very nice person who i met in the chat!we became friends in a weird way!!i dont wanna tell you LOL!anyways, he really does help a lot!!its just too easy to become friends with him!!:D 

17.princess JJ:such an awesome friend that can put a smile on your face!she makes me happy all the time if im ever talking to her!she can do cool stuff that im interested in!she makes a good friend to me!

Mr.MurderDeathKill:hes someone who could put a million smiles on your face!he makes me laugh!hes someone who keeps me from getting bored and hes just an all around great friend!!!:D  

19.ReAnna11:shes someone who i like to chat with!shes someone you could have a lot of fun with!i could talk to her if i need to talk about something!i say my rating for her would be 90,000 stars!:D

20.Supernatural1:hes totally helpful and awesome!he makes everything better and helps me when i have problems with something!hes a fun person to chat with and hes just an all around great friend!:D  


if you ever wanna talk to me just inbox me!!!:D

Supernatural1 was here and helped with CSS






-Katie.-Katie. (online) said

Posted 8 hours ago


greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 9 hours ago

what?! only 300!? what kinda show you runnin here pally?? :O

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 9 hours ago

haha hey! share dem cookies! xD

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 10 hours ago


greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 10 hours ago

what fun are you talking about?!
this is strictly cookie talk! xD

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted 11 hours ago

pahahaha thats rude to stick your tongue out at a lady :P

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted yesterday

lol hey dont stick that tongue out at me!!! :PP
lol jk xD

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted yesterday

lol im serious xD its a game lol

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted yesterday

ahhhh!!! im getting attack by ice cream!!! xD

greenheart443greenheart443 said

Posted yesterday

lol ohhh i thought that was nom! xD
nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom hehe my cookie! >:D

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