Renato is a 17 year old guy living in Parody. He has been a member for 2 months, and was last logged on one hour ago.
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Welcome to my profile

   Welcome to my Profile. My name is Renato and I'm from another planet.

Luv my family, friends and Meating new people (Yeah meatin, just cause sounds tasty ;)

Leave me a message or add me as friend, i Accept everybody :)

My email is ( [Add me you bastard ;b]

{My e-mail sounds like candy, doesn't it? I bet you wanna eat me now ;)}

See you l8rz 



It's a love story ^ xD



   Me and my friends =)



Hannah, me and Stacy ;b




 My performance... Cause I like to sing ;)




 Me and Georgina :DDD



 Me and my friend Lily.



 Me and my friend Annie.



Carlos, Lily and Me.


R:good boyfriend or girlfriend
E:has gorgeous eyes
N:can kick the crap out of you
T:very good kisser
O:has the best personality ever


People i like in here (Not in order)


JoselynGirl (My princess)

                                    Mintmojitolover (My beast)

                                                                  Rosie x (Wild girl in Nonoba)

                                                                                                   Lord X (Osm dude)

Gawjuss (My first friend)

                                tusken(Perv dude)

                                                DollieLoxX (Best quality girl)

                                                                                Clara_ (Sweet girl)

anne.kell (I would do her)

                           Machipai (She desearves my respect)

                                                    spraderleahxx (The lil girl with greath things ahead... xD)



JoselynGirlJoselynGirl said

Posted 25 minutes ago

Great how was yours?

And babe?
I thought I was your princess.. o:

Rosie xRosie x (online) said

Posted one hour ago

is ok babe,, im sorry
how was school ??
hope you had a good day <333

anne.kellanne.kell (online) said

Posted 2 hours ago

ohh...estou ali *.*
o menino é tao querido ^^
pena que eu nao venha agora ca agora muitas vezes por causa da escola -__-
beijão lindo <33

MeganhMeganh said

Posted 12 hours ago

Yup that is me :)

Its got the copyright thing cos its from my uncle's website :P

Is that you in the pics?


holaa93_holaa93_ said

Posted 20 hours ago

umm who are you?

Vampirechick15Vampirechick15 said

Posted 21 hours ago

i am dumb well hmm that makes sence lol

MeganhMeganh said

Posted yesterday

I'm good thanks

Howre you?



MeganhMeganh said

Posted yesterday


Rosie xRosie x (online) said

Posted yesterday

hehe ^^ i'd study you very hard :] i'd check you twice!! WHOO ;]
some lovee

Rosie xRosie x (online) said

Posted yesterday

if you were my homework i'd b doin you on my desk right now !! ;]

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