thppp Miss.MSN.2010<3~teehee is a 110 year old girl living in in ur custy fridge with 5 year old mayonaise!!:p. She has been a member for 8 months, and was last logged on 6 days ago.

Gamer Level: 7

Welcome to my profile

Hey Hey Hey!!!:)

kay well..... welcome 2 my profile!!

it's really ugly and I hate it!!:)


i love it!!:)

it's so gorge!:p


i love all of my friends and they are all coolios!!:D 

add me plzzzzzz!!

if you don't add me... I will hunt u down and send u a request!!:)

I love friends so...... yah!!


these quotes are my life!!


Got these ones from Candyce- thx gyrl!!:)

Yes I Do...

 Friends are like BRAS, close to your heart and are there for SUPPORT !!<3

I freaking love everybody edits~it's my fav game ever!!!:)

 try it........ it's amazing!!:D

but it depends on wat game you play,... some of them really suck!!:(



 kay so.......

i want everybody who comes onto my profile to call the

# ~412-290-9233!! :)

no scams!!

 i promise!!:)

u guys r awesome!

luv u's!

pce out<3



Wizard101 is amazing!!!

you must try it!!



ps:CAPITAN93 was here!!:p






Krisco94 lives in the corner of this page.

Don't expect to find him when you look; he's probably playing multiplayer snakes with Franchy. ( AS ALWAYS)



Anyways, Kris, this is now your new home, treat it with the same respect that u have shown me.

uh..., nevermind, SCRATCH THAT!!:D  

and for breakfast, we have cheerios:p

cuz i know that u love them so much!!:D






song.. (california gurls)


 Greetings beotches..take off your pants

I know a place,where the girls are always meaner.

If you ain't rich,there goin no where near your wiener.

Sippin starbucks,venti skinny mocha chai tea

(with foam)

Driving escalades,while they're texing and re-tweeting

(on iphones)

You can try to aproach us,but were all the same

 we dont care what your name is.

We'll look at you for a second,but thats just to make sure

 that you're not famous.

California gurls were unreliable.

Never worked a day in our lives.

Hybrid dogs in bags,we leave'em in the car

(dog)- bowowowow

California girls we're so predictable Hottest bodies money can buy.

 Spray tanned silicone boobs are indestuctable!

ooooh  oh ohhh


franchyfranchy said

Posted 2 weeks ago

Lol, nope, I believe you've been well informed ;)

krisco94.krisco94. said

Posted 3 weeks ago

As far as i know too....
that is of course if i haven't been misinformed ~.^

franchyfranchy said

Posted 3 weeks ago

Haha, as far as I know, yes :3

thpppthppp said

Posted 3 weeks ago


staxx1staxx1 said

Posted 6 weeks ago

wat up babby. wat u ben doin. men dont be shi around me.if we goin to date we have to talk. ok.i have to know somthing.and if i say wat i have to say.will you said about me. love u.

thpppthppp said

Posted 7 weeks ago


lilman23lilman23 said

Posted 7 weeks ago

add me

thpppthppp said

Posted 7 weeks ago


thx hunny!!:D

TaylorzTaylorz said

Posted 7 weeks ago

your profile is GORGE i love that

~Kasey- Yummy~~Kasey- Yummy~ said

Posted 2 months ago


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