♥Taylor ♥ Ppl call me Tay-Tay and i freakin ♥ it is a 0 year old girl living in under ur bed ...how u like dat. She has been a member for 4 months, and was last logged on yesterday.
♥Taylor ♥ Ppl call me Tay-Tay and i freakin ♥ it has a website at http://www.nonoba.com/taylorz

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Welcome to my profile

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My name is Taylor
My favorite color is pink and uh rainbow...
 I like pie aand alot of other foods!!!
I am a girl
Ppl say im 2 tall and im like YOUR 2 SHORT SO SHUT THE EFF UP
My favorite show is Jersey shore and sponge bob
If you want to no more then ur a STALKER!!!! 
 If you cant read it get some glasses....jk :)







la la la...





 Haha dats cute:

DONT TOUCH MY KITTY...   dats cute 2 

i laugh everytime i c dat haha



Dancin' ChikS and 1 boy




 idk wat 2 put so...




Ha funni 





look at dese converse i seen on myspace




Ok... well dats enough 4 d pics 4 now so imma talk about my besties!


Skatergirl12- first of all shes my sister so dont mess wit her of course shes my best friend... duh lol but ur da best Becca!!!!!! :D


ATTENTION!! i am not done wit my best friends list i am sleepy...so...yea



L E A N N EL E A N N E said

Posted 23 hours ago

hello :D

skatergirl12skatergirl12 (online) said

Posted 23 hours ago

2010 is almost over, so pass the smile to anyone who made you smile this year. It may surprise you how many you get back. Thanks for making me smile :) ♥

TaylorzTaylorz said

Posted 6 days ago

thanks! :-)

msalmeron55msalmeron55 said

Posted 7 days ago

aww thnx but ur profile is da best :]

TaylorzTaylorz said

Posted 8 days ago

uh huh....

guera_pochaguera_pocha said

Posted 10 days ago

lindo perfil xD

TaylorzTaylorz said

Posted 10 days ago

hi girl! :)

nothin much wbu

skatergirl12skatergirl12 (online) said

Posted 10 days ago

hey tay!


TaylorzTaylorz said

Posted 10 days ago

ive been gud... how bout you :)

judith14 said

Posted 10 days ago

oh ok taylor :) so how yew been :)

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hmm i dont know...
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i keep getting hit by the car...WATEVER
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i like to shoot him in da head hehe
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