Fish Quest

Fish Quest

Follow these steps to play the game

-Arrows match arrows.
-Space Bar matches everything else.
Specials are activated with the shift key once you've received one. You have a limited number of lives which can be lost by missing an arrow, getting hit by an enemy, or running out of time. Right-click for quality settings to improve frame rate.


Challenging arrow-pressing game that progresses through 15 stages divided into 3 chapters. There are 3 unique ability power-ups, whose function is yours to discover. Bonus stages are hidden in the 4th level of each chapter (Stages: 4, 9, and 14).

Extra lives are gained through the blue star pearls.

For the boss levels, you must defeat the enemy on your screen. You do damage by activating certain spots. The damage numbers are not random…

I must warn this game can be difficult, so persistence is key!

(Hard difficulty is the same game, just…very hard. I don’t recommend you play it unless you’re like really good!)

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