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Kayla Kayla (boring name i know) is a girl living in XD =) :D ^~^ ^-^ . She has been a member for more than a year, and was last logged on 9 hours ago.
Kayla Kayla (boring name i know) has a website at

Gamer Level: 2

Welcome to my profile


umm hi

Name: Kayla-Leanne (Kayla)

Lives in: Vancouver, Canada!!!

Age: 13

 Likes:  Horror movies, converse, music,  and other stuff.

Favourite colours: Bright Rainbow Colours!!! I kinda like them all!

 Okaii umm I play flute, and piano.

I guess i get pretty good grades ( if B+ is good)

I like to read ... a lot

If you are completely bored please comment and tell me something to write about cuz i have no i dea!! 

Random Happy Faces: =D :D :) =) ^-^ ^~^  

I live in B.C, in Canada, in North America, on Planet Earth!! 

Oh yea and add me and comment my profile!!!

I  Like Comments And Friends !!!!!!!!!! 


Okaii It is Tuesday and I am bored!!!

Okaii im gona put one of those friend lists on my profile so ya


xSilent Deathx 







Dj diddles







umm oh yea just like tell me if u wanna be on my profile cuz i kinda have to go to school so i probably forgot people!!

Yes, I am kinda crazy. Most people can deal with that because it's fun. 

Umm okaii now i don't know what to do.

Okaii I don't know how to upload my picture becuz 1.) i have a webcam not a camera and 2.) my parents put locks on the computer file so i need a password. So yah sorry and stuff. And plz don't ask me anymore










Yes I Do...


















chrishaslemchrishaslem said

Posted yesterday

wanna go out if you dont letts just be friends

Dj diddlesDj diddles said

Posted 4 days ago



Posted 5 days ago

hey ^^
thanks fot adding me :D
btw nice profile ^^

c45c45 said

Posted 7 days ago

hey whats up havent talk to you in a long time

Josh LopezJosh Lopez said

Posted 8 days ago


Dj diddlesDj diddles said

Posted 13 days ago


BrumeBrume said

Posted 2 weeks ago

haha thanks i like urs too <3

cherrybombed25cherrybombed25 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

nice pro


Posted 2 weeks ago


EmoDude14EmoDude14 said

Posted 2 weeks ago

i wish u were on theres like no one cool to talk to

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