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Seperated UnitySeperated Unity said

Posted a long time ago

Did you make the song to your "Lazy Susan" game yourself? I cant find it anywhere.

bunnieboilerbunnieboiler said

Posted a long time ago

Hello, I was wondering what the name is to the main song on the game "Lazy Susan" is. I have googled to no avail ;_;


Vince10293 said

Posted a long time ago



Posted a long time ago

Sup-eo lol

scriptedfunscriptedfun said

Posted a long time ago

Hey! Thanks! Needless to say, you have excellent games! :D

YoudaGamesYoudaGames said

Posted a long time ago

Scriptedfun, also a really good game designer.

MisiurMisiur said

Posted a long time ago

Hi, congrats with winning 1000$ dollars :) I've got some questions to you :P

nick1972uknick1972uk said

Posted a long time ago

Hey, congratulations on the weekly contest - at least I think it's congratulations. I thought I had you beat for the entire week but an amazing comeback on Sunday (curse you!) means I think you got me.
Would love to know which sites you put the nonoba embedded version on for my future reference (so hopefully i can win next week's prize!)
Nice job, and thanks for the comment on my mochi weekly win.

mindprintmindprint said

Posted a long time ago

Congrats on both of your games being so popular. It's hard enough to get one successful, let alone two!

I just finished a new video puzzle - if you get a chance take a look and let me know what you think. I'd be really interested in your opinion. Thanks. said

Posted a long time ago

hi BEEP y ok BEEP

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