THIS pretty girl swag and BICTHS I RUN THIS SHITE sassyakau all ready no is a 13 year old girl living in canyland my apt. is 1234567890 bye peps. She has been a member for 7 months, and was last logged on 3 days ago.
THIS pretty girl swag and BICTHS I RUN THIS SHITE sassyakau all ready no has a website at

Gamer Level: 3

Welcome to my profile

 Hey mmmmmppp.gif welcome image by 9392abhiMarquesasPhotos569.jpg NERD DAY! image by its_k-Sa hey this friecebabe fo holloween she was a nerd  ugly.jpg U need dat license image by bklyn1016white-7.jpg i love you quotes image by KlarizaIsTheShizzNut

About me 

Im mean (sometimes )

Im sweet

Im nice

Im a devil (sometimes )

I got ALOT OF SWAG ! my nickname  (jazz)

Rap :

hey this your girl jazz i got alot of swag  I hang out with my crew the haters are my niggas I  keep pink on my toes and black and blue on my hands Im not emo but i have alot of friends Im always rockin the pink and green converse If U STILL DONT LIKE ME o well baby boo i still got swag   and all my clothes still got the tags and i will never ever WILL  be a FAG!!!!  HOLLA AT YO GIRL SASSYAKA


 COMMENTS.png COMMENT BITCHES image by JC_GETYOUSOME_98my rap !!!! :) 

peace out !!!  )

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Graphics_087.gif WELCOME PAGE image by Barbrae1102            shutupp.gif haterz image by tittyface2662         

thDisneyBabies.jpg sister image by chelseysr09 skinnies.jpg I ROCK SKINNNNIESS image by jay-dog_25keep-a-breast-1-inch-i-love-boobies-bracelets-6-pack-1-of-each-color-300x300.jpg image by Jordan23_85

im_cute.jpg i KNOW iM CUTE image by EyesOfAGoddess03my sis ccthebestandgotswagccthebestandgotswag1ugly.jpg U need dat license image by bklyn1016KS1204this my sis freicebaby18prettygirlswag123 and ks1204    and she lovesBLUE!!  kkkk.jpg I RUN SHIT image by CERRYNENE

 my fav. song is make a movie by:chris brown

 and pretty girl swag !!! prettygirlswag123 SmileySmilesmilysmile is my bff i love her no homo u no  

im tell u all my hatersassyaka



elietielieti (online) said

Posted 2 days ago

________♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡______♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡_____
______♡ ♡ ________♡ ♡__♡ ♡ ________ ♡ ♡____
____♡ ♡ ___________♡ _ ♡_____________ ♡ ♡___
___♡ ♡ _____________ ♡ _______________ ♡ ♡__
___♡ ♡ _______Dê este coração (♥)________ ♡ ♡__
___♡ ♡ ______para TODOS que você_______ ♡ ♡__
____♡ ♡______não quer perder em_______ ♡ ♡___
_____♡ ♡__________' 2O11 '___________ ♡ ♡____
______♡ ♡_Tente conseguir 12 Corações ♡ ♡____
________ ♡♡____keroo o meeu_____ ♡ ♡_______
__________♡ ♡____de volta ______♡ ♡_________
____________♡ ♡_____________♡ ♡___________
_______________♡ ♡ _______♡ ♡ ______________
_________________♡ ♡ __ ♡ ♡________________
_____________________♡_______vc eu num keroo perder em 2011 tenhu

sassyakasassyaka said

Posted 3 days ago


sassyakasassyaka said

Posted 3 days ago

uh... old word make new ones

tiaraj0319tiaraj0319 said

Posted 3 days ago

hey was up i like ur page

Sexy AngelSexy Angel said

Posted 4 days ago


Alli-KayyAlli-Kayy said

Posted 6 days ago

Hahaaaa. No, i love your swag. Lol ,

I havne'tt been on here in a whileee :)

aundreaaundrea said

Posted 12 days ago

& diggy dnt wnt her he fah mehh lol
spread dha luvve >333 n/h

aundreaaundrea said

Posted 12 days ago

lol i knoe brea.bohh wateva dhat bitch call herself iz fuqkiin hating

Princess JJPrincess JJ said

Posted 2 weeks ago


LiL_ChinaLiL_China said

Posted 3 weeks ago


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