Froggy Feast: Trapped in Sap!

Froggy Feast: Trapped in Sap!

Follow these steps to play the game

Left/Right (A/D) to move the sap block.
Down (S) to drop the block faster.
Up (W) to drop the block instantly.

Create matches and combos to free the bugs from the sap before the frog eats a certain number each level. Play 19 levels in story mode or compete for high scores in timed mode.


"Froggy Feast: Trapped in Sap!" puts you in the shoes of a fly who finds all his friends trapped in sticky, delicious blocks of sap. The only way to save them, of course, is to match 3 or more of the same bug. Sounds simple enough, except the frogs in the swamp have noticed these tasty treats and have come to get their share! Can you save your friends before they become frog food?


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