Platform Racing 2

Platform Racing 2

Follow these steps to play the game

Up: Jump!, Left: Run Left!, Right: Run Right!, Down: Hold to charge a super jump!, Spacebar: Use an item!


*Creator: Jiggmin*

Create your own levels, and race online with friends.

--Guide (UPDATED 5/6/09):

Stick Body, Head, Feet: Random

Invisible Head, Body, Feet: Random

Basketball Head: Random


EXP. Hat: Random, though comes very rarely

Kongregate Hat: Sign up on and play Platform Racing 2 there.

Propellor Hat: Complete level "Hat Factory" (rank 15 required).

Crown hat: Become a moderator on Platform Racing 2 or score 5000 points on F@h( Folding @ home). See bottom of Description for F@H instructions.

Cowboy Hat: Score 100,000 points on F@h (Folding @ home). See bottom of Description for F@H instructions.

Santa Hat: Sign in on Christmas day or...random prize like basketball head, invisible items, stick items, etc.

--Campaign Prizes (note that all of these HAVE to have 4 players):

Unicorn Head (Newbieland 2)

Cool Sun Head (Super Mario Bros. remix v1.3(time attack))

Helmet Head (Soul Temple)

Bird Head (razor blade)

Bird Body (it's new york!)

Bird Foot (Blacklight)

Candy Head (Candyland)

Bee Body (Zerostar (¬¬))

Well, that's the complete guide. All the goodies one can obtain. Enjoy!


How to use F@h (Folding @ home);

1.Download Folding @ home.

2.Open file, an icon will appear on the right of your taskbar.

3.Right click the icon.

4.Click configure...type in your user name from PR2 as your Folding @ Home user name.

5.Put at Team number 143016, then click the OK button.

5.Your Folding @ home is now working! Every time the program runs it will work on WU's, once you completed a WU, you will earn some points for your score.

1000 pts. = 3 ranks
5000 pts. = Crown hat
100 000 pts. = Cowboy hat

To view your score right click the icon, then click Status, Then User statistics.

--Note: If there are any problems with the instructions above, please send a private message so I can fix it. Thanks!


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