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Welcome to my profile

Hi and welcome to my profile


I am is a fan of dragon,phoenix,and some mythology animal(0_0):p


Plz add me to your friend


This What i know from dragon(i get from library)if you wanna know where the library

This the website: http://library.thinkquest.org/07aug/00137/dragons.htm

European Dragons

White Dragon : The white dragon represents purity and enlightenment. This is a peace loving dragon that likes helping others.

Red Dragon : The red dragons are a symbol of the chaotic storms, and they cause storms when they fight in the night.

Black Dragon : Black dragons are the most evil. They use destructive ways to meet their own needs.

Chinese Dragon

The Chinese dragon is depicted as a long, scaled, snake-like dragon with five claws. The Chinese dragon is a symbol of auspicious power in Chinese folklore and art.

Japanese Dragon

The Japanese dragon, also known as ryū is a fantastic, heavily scaled, snake-like and wingless dragon with three claws. R is generally asscociated with large water bodies, heavens and clouds.


oranggantengorangganteng said

Posted 9 months ago

Happy New Year 2011

R3dhawkR3dhawk said

Posted 10 months ago

ima slay your dragins

doodleriderdoodlerider said

Posted 10 months ago

ima killz u

oranggantengorangganteng said

Posted 10 months ago

thx Saber =->

SaberlanceSaberlance said

Posted 10 months ago

Nice profile (srry about my cuz deciding to write the comment before with my name >.>)
But anyway, awesome profile!

oranggantengorangganteng said

Posted 10 months ago

I am William Sebastian thio my email is [email protected]

crysis13crysis13 said

Posted 10 months ago

i checked facebook no i dont who you are

crysis13crysis13 said

Posted 10 months ago

but im not sure if u are who im thinking of

crysis13crysis13 said

Posted 10 months ago

i know who u are dude


Posted a long time ago

Usually 'admins' don't swear :) Especially at people who beat them in games. You are no admin and if you are, I advise nonoba. whatever to delete you from admin stuff.

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