Metal is a 21 year old guy. He has been a member for 35 months, and was last logged on 58 minutes ago.

Gamer Level: 19

Welcome to my profile

      Metal is older than Jsheppard;   
Jsheppard is taller than Metal;
ತ _ ತ! 
(do you get it tapio?) lulz
   Profile Theme is Old Nonoba
How's this for a layout Managra!?  
  I'd like to see a NF Css'ers come up with something like this
(WITHOUT Stealing the CSS codes i used.)  
Screenies.... Enjoy... Learn from them .... and DONT ADD ME  
Multitaasking isnt for Teh Metls :L 
[Me multitasking = a Dead Metal ] 
 Master of CSS 83
[" i don't know how you cant say youre not viewed as a master of CSS metalxupxyourxass. All your comments either comment on how awesome they think it is or demand that you dont leave or both"]
The hall of Purpleshade  
 [Proofs of glomples]

Comment glomple
[Comment glomple]
   [ipod glomple♥]   
first glomple! 
[First glomple ever:Nonoba Glomple ♥]   
Purpleshade glomples :3 
   [Msn glomple] 
 If you didn't notice before, This screenie used to have her Msn XD.Thanks tapix for telling me for the 2nd time :3 ♥ 
ilu :3 
   [ oh shi ;D a ilu ♥]  

Challenges given to me by KC MANAGRA 
Big Break ID-WIN 
(Start time: 5:59pm 9/20/10 /// End time: 5:59pm 9/21/10) 

Out on a limb-WIN
Say what you see- FAIL
   breaking the fourth wall- WIN
Current success rate: 88%

Challenge pending 

Future challenge 
  The big 1000

Challanges given to me by Julie♥  

Challanges given to KC MANAGRA  by me
design a profile background

   Screenies of "24"  Challange  
KC: black  Metl: Purple 


*Gustavosm**Gustavosm* said

Posted 8 days ago


jsheppard said

Posted 3 weeks ago


Alyne_87Alyne_87 said

Posted 6 weeks ago


joakin cervantesjoakin cervantes said

Posted 7 weeks ago

no problem

LiquidRainbowLiquidRainbow said

Posted 7 weeks ago

; 3; You will not.

I'm not wearing any pants. ;3

KC ManagraKC Managra said

Posted 7 weeks ago

buuuuuut...exactly. Oh well I'm sure with 10 hours to spare you will get there.

Santo LeeSanto Lee said

Posted 7 weeks ago

Disappointed in me because? ;O

tapixtapix said

Posted 7 weeks ago

Your profile<3

tapixtapix said

Posted 7 weeks ago o:?

joakin cervantesjoakin cervantes said

Posted 2 months ago

cool pro bro.

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