Colored Symbols 2

Colored Symbols 2

Follow these steps to play the game

Click on the bricks color or symbol to form combos. Click again on the combo to accept your choice. Click anywhere else to deselect a combo. Use the "Undo" button if you wan't to undo your last move. To restart a game, just click on the mode button of the mode your are playing


Create mega combos with colors or with symbols. To choose color, you have to click on the colored part of the brick and to choose symbol you have to click the black square with the symbol in it. You will receive more points for combos created with symbols than color. Three Modes: Normal – Clear the field. 1000 Bonus points if you don’t have any bricks left at the end. Super – Get as much points as possible in 3 minutes, field is refilled. Forever – Play for as long as you want or until there are no more combos. Use "Quit" button to be able to enter highscores.


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