Zach Johnson AKA Barack Obama Jr. is a 17 year old guy living in on a bench with my gf Candice. He has been a member for 5 months, and was last logged on one hour ago.

Gamer Level: 3

Welcome to my profile



There are some people that I would like to give credit to and thank them for being great friends so if you on this list than thank you.

 Ladies Firstiess duhhh

Georgieeee x]--- Georgie: My greatest friend, best person ever pure to the heart I love her

 WatermelonRum--- Candice: My gf the girl of my dreams shes everything to me i love you baby dont ever leave

CaiitRawrr-x--- Caiitiee: Pure awesomeness and beauty, and Ms. Boss Lady

Gawjuss--- Grace: Ms. Run this town, cute and sweetness

DollieLoxX--- Mai: On of my first friends on here perfect and evey way dont mess with her she will bit back

XxLieslxxLovexX--- Liesl: Omg hyper to the max all the time

LaShae13--- LaShae: Sexiiness and pure fun, my party buddy

smile and laugh---Kayla: Bestie and her name is awesome

SpottySocks--- Catherine: Omg she is awesome in her own weird way

Clara_ (now fromgermanyyouknowme)---Alex: Girl and boy all in one party person and rulez

lildot_babydollvamp--- Dot: Cuteness and naughty and nice....

bailey5567--- Bailey: Sweetest girl ever and helps me with anything ILY AAF bailey

Lil_Flaca--- Gaby: Meh baby girl and hott as fukkk i wuv herrr

 * ~ user2010 ~ *  --- Helena: She is so nice youll instintly love her

 Chapperzxx --- Beth: she is so hott i wuv her as a friend and shes so nice

MEN we run this town

--- Marcus: Certified OG and like my bro, also a ladies man

--- Adrian: This is my bestest guy friend ever and we always got each others back 


If you are on this list that means id do anything for you so dont screw it up

Hey yo before i go heres a life rap written by me

Juststepped off the court

tiredof bustin yo ass

thristyi reach for that gatoraid

yousay you good and i suck

niggastop you drinking to much of that hateraid

haterznigga posers and bitches alike

ihater your shit so when i say we straight

yeawe straight as a dyke

thepain and emotion

frommy heart it bleeds

imsick of bullshitt

allit does is feeds

myhatered and anger for you ass

imtired of this shit

itbetter end and fast

iaint depressed and i aint insane

butim sick of this shit that you be sayin

youthink youve had it hard

youthink youve had it bad

yourlife is royalty

comparedto the shit ive had

desertedby mom

neverhad a dad

justthat thought

itmakes me so mad


andwatched 4 friends die

gottears in my eye

canthelp but cry

the45 i hold

itmeans i dont play

fuckwith me

youwont live to see another day

3wounded 2 dead

likei said fuck with me

andyoull end up on a bed

theoldest of 4

supportthem all

gottalead so i stand up tall

tryto encourage them

notto be like me

mylife aint good

imnever free

ifyou think your life is worse

bullshitlies it the spit i curse












This is for you Baby I love you

Whenits you

Love ismore than love

Perfectin every way

You’rean angel from above


You camedown

And mademy heart skip

I wasbreathless and aww’d

Gotta twitchin my lip


When youspoke to me

I becamespeechless

You instantlyhad me at hi

You’rethe absolute best



When youspeak

It couldkill me

As myheart skips a beat



We’retogether forever

Cant leave

My lifesnever been better


Just thethought

Of youand I apart

Bringstears to my eye

And  breaks my heart


But ourlove is so deep

I know

We’retogether for life

I knowyou wont go


So whenI say I love you

Its deeperthan that

You andI together forever

You meCandice and Zach


I loveyou baby









EmoPunkGirl34EmoPunkGirl34 said

Posted 11 hours ago

Yw So Whatcha Up To? Im Sorry If I Talk To U Alot I Just Love Chatting :3

crybabycrybaby said

Posted 12 hours ago

well all put u on mine if you put me on urs

stephanie_luvstephanie_luv said

Posted 12 hours ago

Hmm lets see...she almost killed herself for it.

crybabycrybaby said

Posted 12 hours ago

yes i talk to u all the time just not lately

crybabycrybaby said

Posted 13 hours ago

hay wtf im not on the list.......O and WATS UP NIGGA lol

ooloolypool x].ooloolypool x]. said

Posted 16 hours ago

awww :D :)

ima stay a little longer :/

i love you :)

ooloolypool x].ooloolypool x]. said

Posted 17 hours ago


EmoPunkGirl34EmoPunkGirl34 said

Posted yesterday

Aww Yur So Sweet Nice Poem FFor Yur Gf lol ;P

EmoPunkGirl34EmoPunkGirl34 said

Posted yesterday

But Idk Why..But I Kinda Like Canada :P I Think It Has Friendly People. Lol

xXtOxiiCXxxXtOxiiCXx (online here) said

Posted yesterday

i hate u for stealing watermelon rum

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